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      Darren Ambler- Liar- Manipulator- Sex Addict- Psycho-(New Jersey):

      Darren Ambler is a dating web site stalker. He pursued myself and i foolishly became involved with Darren Ambler a few months ago. He seemed somewhat timid and shy but I soon realized that he was obsessed with sex- oral sex and filthy pornographic sexual acts. This guy for sure has some very s...

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        Amer Garden City, MI USA

        Pathetic liar, who is miserable and will drag you along just because. Feel free to message his IG and tell him how garbage he is. Almost 40 and nothing going for himself. By: ..... .....Posted: September 12, 2017, 3:44 am

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          Roland G. Cardoza Chino hills, Irvine , CALIFORNIA, USA

          Roland Cardoza is a stalker. He won’t go away! HE TOLD ME HE NEVER WANTS TO SEE ME AGAIN- GOOD RIDDANCE I THOUGHT. I CHANGED MY NUMBER AND NEVER LOOKED BACK. He didn’t give a craaap how I felt when he snorted at me and called me a pig. He didn’t show any emotion when he gave...

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            Corina Sue Beal Lillington, NC USA

            Let’s see. I knew her from high school and hadn’t seen her in a few decades. We run into each other on Facebook and things “blossomed”. We dated, moved in together and life was amazing. The s*x was OK. I wouldn’t call it great. I worked all day and came home to make...

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