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    • Angie Neyrus

      Ewa Jankojc Arrested; The Incriminating Cheating Wife who got Caught

      Ewa Jankojc Arrested; The Incriminating Cheating Wife who got Caught FREEHOLD — After months of private investigation, Ewa Jankojc (Rzekos), 47, the disgraced cheating wife of Cliffwood, New Jersey, was finally arrested on a warrant and charged with criminal harassment in violation of a Monmo...


      • S. Admin

        Darren Ambler- Liar- Manipulator- Sex Addict- Psycho-(New Jersey):

        Darren Ambler is a dating web site stalker. He pursued myself and i foolishly became involved with Darren Ambler a few months ago. He seemed somewhat timid and shy but I soon realized that he was obsessed with sex- oral sex and filthy pornographic sexual acts. This guy for sure has some very s...

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        • Exposing Cheaters

          Darren Ambler- Playboy- Sex addict- Sociopath STD Carrier- NJ:

          Darren Ambler is a known Playboy- sex addict- former drug addict- sociopath- liar- Manipulator…He is a perverted vial low life with no morality or conscience…Darren Ambler is mentally ill with low self esteem…Very homely…insecure and prone to fantasy……&he...

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            Stacy Marse – Louisiana

            Stacy Marse – Got ’em all fooled. Poor sweet girl. Her tears fool so many into believing that she is the victim, but she knows exactly what she is doing. Blames her husband for their impending divorce and targeted his family and friends to turn them against him. Uses her sob story ...

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              John Ingersoll of Commerce Georgia

              John Ingersoll OF J&L atv salvage and repairs is a lying, cheating, scum who spreads disease. He cheated on his poor wife when she was pregnant with their baby. Hes the pure definition of white trash. STAY AWAY John Ingersoll 706-255-2964 419 highway 326 Original: http://cheatingcomplaints....

              Tags: Georgia, Dirty, Herpes, J & L ATV Salvage & Repair, John Ingersoll, John Ingersoll of Commerce Georgia, liar, Trailer Trash

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                Lina Sophia Wall

                Beware. This lying little hypocritical cheater likes to run her mouth non-stop about other people. Lina Sophia Wall is a 49 year old lying, cheating, narcissistic sociopath! She manipulates others into trusting her, then she betrays them. She is a chronic gossip and a backstabber! Lina is also a ...

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                  Darren Ambler: Sociopath: Cheater: Liar: Con-Man:Cherry Hill- New Jersey: Age 39 Yrs:

                  Darren Ambler is Player- Liar- Con-Artist- Sex Addict- Sociopath- STD Carrier- Cherry Hill- New Jersey: He lies about everything and puts on a front like he is a respectable decent guy. Darren Ambler has had sex with “Prostitutes”- and a variety of Sleezy females with low moral sta...

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                    Dean Hunter North Carolina / O/O OTR Trucker

                    Dean Hunter North Carolina / O/O OTR Trucker is on! This man is nothing but a lair. He gets on all kinds of BDSM websites, BON, and dating sites to find Submissive females. He gets them to date him and to trust him. Later you will find out that he is married and has no less th...

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                      Jack Morley , Berlin, New Hampshire, USA

                      Jack Morley , Berlin, New Hampshire, USA is on! Jack Morley has a 3 inch erection he likes to expose to unsuspecting women. He has done this thousands of times in person and has done it way more than that on the web. He was fired from his hospital job after being found in the ...

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                        Ricky Teague, Columbus, Ohio

                        Ricky Teague, Columbus, Ohio is on! Ricky Teague is a Facebook freak looking for free s*x and free handouts. He always on the move freeloading, looking for an easy come up. He looks good but he’s broke with 6 kids. He owes childsupprt over 30 grand and he is a deadbeat f...

                        Tags: liar, cheater, cheated, unfaithful, infidelity, Cheaters, Ricky Teague, Columbus, Ohio