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    • Exposing Cheaters

      John M Edwards Madison, Indiana

      I just wanted to inform everyone about this “man”, so that it may spare so...***. And since i had no proof, i let it go. Well I had posted a status about cheaters and a week later i get an ano...

      • Exposing Cheaters

        Jennifer Hopkins Arizona

        I can’t pinpoint the time this affair with Jennifer Hopkins and my husband started BUT I can tell I the approx...night to the home wrecker, and I guess she was butt hurt. My husband ended up exposing...

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        • Anonymous

          Robert James Murphy in Ocala, Florida

          Robert James Murphy is a lowlife, junkie, sociopath, he manipulates & uses women, he tries to spin false stories...true colors come on out, he has threatened me with so many things especially exposing...


          • Exposing Cheaters

            Rebekah Sheler of Geneva, Alabama

            he small town whore Rebekah Sheler 21 years old. Dated my brother. This nasty crazy HO has a story she uses as her MO with every guy she preys on. Here it is!!! She claims her father abused her. He was a vet with PTSD. She said he wanted her to be a boy so he tried to make her tough. All lies! T...

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            • Exposing Cheaters

              Tiffany Lynn Bivins, of Cleveland Ohio

              I’ve been married to Jason for 13 years we have 2 children. Things were getting stressful around the house and I know he was distant. We had a camping trip planned for the family on labor day weekend while on the camping trip my husband got a little too drunk. His phone kept going off so I...

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