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      Elena Orriss of Washington

      So this cheating tramp, first loves military men, especially married men, and has pretty much slept her way through the entire male population at joint base lewis mcchord, except for maybe a couple single guys, and miss not so bright here now has her sights on a convicted rapist, that openly adm...

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        Selena Wilson out of Florida

        Caught my husband cheating with Selena Wilson. Selena Wilson is married and has fake boobs.  Selena Wilson would send my husband naked pictures of herself to him.  Selena Wilson knew he was married but that never stopped her. Selena Wilson doesnt care who lifes she destroys. Selen...

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          Giselle Almonte of Conyers, Georgia

          Let’s start with a little history. I was with my girlfriend for going on 2 years. When I met her, I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter. She said she would step up as the other parent and so she did. Things were good. We had a little family together. My daughter called me Mommy, she cal...

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            Sidney Z. Haider of San Francisco, California

            I have been having an on and off affair with Sidney Haider. I just recently found out that he has been screwing around with several other whores and he is even married to someone named Zara. Sidney Haider is one of the most dishonest bastards that i have ever known! Sidney Haider dick is very ti...

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              Melissa Sotomayor of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

              I want to expose Melissa Sotomayor for playing a role of the perfect mother and WIFE lol. Melissa Sotomayor currently works at Coca-Cola and I found out that she was seducing my husband with very explicit pictures of herself to him. I found out about this after conversations I had with my husban...

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                Shannon Lynn Duvall

                My name is Shannon Lynn Duval.  I also go by Shannon Lynn Akin or Shannon Lynn Hubbell.  You see, I have a hard time staying faithful to any one man.  I am also a fan of break up marriages.  Especially ones that involve small children.  It is fine though, I have 3 daught...

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                  Jenice Moura of Los Angeles, California

                  Let me with my fiance and i have been together for 5 years, engaged for 1 and dwelling collectively for four. The whole thing started with a text I acquired from I phone quantity I failed to appreciate that started with “good day youngster girl I haven’t visible you in goodbye I miss...

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                    Rebecca McDonald of Saskatoon, Canada

                    Cheater just doesn’t do justice for Rebecca McDonald, also known as, RatBecca as she likes to double cross people, including family and friends. Rebecca McDonald faked a cancer, her son’s suicide, mother’s heart attack, among many others, to get money. When Rebecca McDonal...

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                      Travis P. Dunn Springfield, Illinois

                      Cheater’s Name: Travis P. Dunn Springfield, Illinois This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: This man has cheated on his wife numerous times. He claims to be either single or divorced which he us neither. He is a smooth talker knows what to say and when to sa...

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                        Makara Pen Richmond, Virginia

                        Cheater’s Name: Maker Pen Richmond, Virginia This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: This pathetic excuse for a woman doesnt even have custody of her own child from her previous whoring around. Now shes trolling for married men. Most recently destroying a mar...

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