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      Andrea Mack of Michigan

      I have been with my husband for 21 years. We have a nine year old and an eighteen month old. On January 1st he told me he needed a break and wanted me and the baby to stay with my mom for a while. I was so upset and felt abandoned because I had shattered my ankle in August and still want weight ...

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        Kshe Bemard of Illinois

        Kshe Bemard pussy smells like fish.. Kshe Bemard is a cheating bitch… Kshe Bemard likes to find her victims at work “Jim Maloof Realtor”, or in some empty properties that is for sale. This bitch loves to suck dick, lick ass, and being degraded. Kshe Bemard loves to be passed a...

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          Shawn Schweier of Denver Colorado

          Shawn Schweier! Socialistic and pathological lier claims to be a book author publisher and writer who knows women and is a bad ass man of seduction truth is he is far from it and offers women nothing but a lost boy with a very very small dick who is self centered and running from himself through...

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            Angela Hill Loeb-Richey of Dallas, Texas

            I met my husband 12 years ago. At the time he was married & I was in a relationship. We all became good friends. 5 years had gone by & we had all re-located to different states and I decided to reach out to the both of them. I had never called his wife b/c she never answered her phone. H...

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              Dani McPartlin of New York City

              Dani McPartlin stalked my husband on social media then began dating him and when he tried to end things she harassed to him to eventually destroy our family. I am regretful as i pushed my husband to divorce but the truth is he is a very good man and even better father. So many look up to him and...

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                Danielle Ritter of Las Vegas Nevada

                Danielle Ritter cheated on me with everyone and anyone. Danielle Ritter a liar and a nasty cunt. Danielle Ritter needs to use a ton of feminine wash and douche just to smell normal. Original: By: adminPosted: April 6, 2016, 2:51 am

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                  Veronica La Salle of Clearwater Florida

                  Veronica La Salle from Stamford, Oneonta, oldsmar, Clearwater, Hobart, Is a lying cheating whore that had sex with over 10 guys while we were together including my little brother who was only 14 at the time.    Veronica La Salle  is disgusting and has herpes and some say she has t...

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                    Kylie J Dunbar

                    Kylie J Dunbar is fucking nuts. Kylie J Dunbar jumps from guy to guy breaking hearts and doesn’t seem to show any remorse what so ever. Kylie J Dunbaris the worst human being i have ever seen if you see this lady stay clear away Kylie J Dunbar doesn’t know what she wants and she...

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                      Brandy Cohen of Davie Florida

                      Brandy Cohen and my husband had an affair that last a few months. They met online and would meet in Fort Lauderdale hotels and have anal sex as well as role plays.Brandy Cohen’s husband Lenny Cohen or Leonard Cohen does not know that Brandy Cohen has cheated yet.   Brandy Cohen w...

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                        Stefani Ballard of Atwater, California

                        My husband started fitting rather distant with me and telling me that he wasn’t in love with me anymore abruptly. I couldn’t determine where we had gone mistaken or the true reason he was once pronouncing these matters…. Unless I looked at the phone invoice. He used to be talk...

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