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      Misty Kinnan

      Misty Kinnan and I met online and talked and was together for 8 months and I loved this woman with all my heart the first woman to get me off alcohol … Misty Kinnanknows how to say all the right things. uses you for your money and sex. She couldn’t keep track of her lies. Give ...

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        Alecka Shaw of Manchester, Washington

        A friend dated and lived with Alecka Shaw for a 12 months and one night time when he was once supposed to remain the night time at his mothers he got here dwelling early to discover she stayed the night at some dudes house that works with us that’s perpetually asking her out and hitting on...

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          Jay Henderson of Charlotte, North Carolina

          My wife and I were high school sweet hearts and are married for 36 years. Everyone thought we were the perfect loving couple and so did I. She left me out of the blue with a phone call while she was on a business trip. She told me she had been seeing a counselor for several months and her they t...

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            Breanna Flood of New Jersey

            While I was away with my best friend on vacation, my partner (who I had just married weeks earlier) decided to offer an old flame a ride home from the bar, and wound up sleeping with her in the back seat of our dirty Jeep where we usually put trash and other disgusting, dirty scraps that we don&...

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              Reginald Gresham – Lansing IL

              Cheap ugly backstabber reginald gresham lives in lansing il Original: By: adminPosted: March 14, 2016, 4:28 am

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                Hector R Velazquez of Modesto California

                Cheater from salida california HECTOR VELAZQUEZ OR HECTOR R VELAZQUEZ DOB 01 / 07 / 1970 Tj maxx Modesto California District loss prevention manager Tjx Co. Cheats on his wife amelia velazquez from San Jose california Amelia carbajal Original:

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                  Joshua Kapellusch of Auburndale WI

                  Joshua David Kapellusch was married twice and was unfaithful. He lies to females about his 3 kids and sleeping with so many women at once. Be careful because he may just give you stds. He knows how to manipulate women and has girlfriends in Tennessee, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Don’t let his g...

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                    Jeffrey Sheehan of Phillipsport, New York

                    So here it is about this NY cheater, Jeffrey or Jeff Sheehan is a lying pos. Jeffrey Sheehan is not too long ago married to a now Lyndsey Sheehan and meeting folks in lodges and promising them he has no emotional attachment to his spouse. Jeffrey Sheehan has certainly not stayed faithful to someo...

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                      Jillian Lopez of Chico, California

                      So this stupid bitch here is a home wrecking whore. She knowingly fucked another girl’s boyfriend. Not only did she know that the guy was taken she would even ask questions about his girlfriend. Her self esteem is so low she was willing to be a dirty slut on the side while the guy went home...

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                        Scott McComas of Parrish, Florida

                        Scott McComas of Parrish, FL is a serial cheater and pathological liar. He runs back and forth between the harem of women that he keeps on his phone and he will keep his phone face down or hidden out of sight (charging in his truck) when he’s with you. Scott McComas has the numbers of vari...

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