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      Jessica Helton

      Anonymous 19964 says: Born in Eagleville and then going on to study at iddle Tennessee State University, this dime of a woman has an explosive history. Shes a real nymph and manipulator. rnrnLucky for yall, this bitch, Jessica Helton, hit 19 at the time these typical pictures to her anyway were t...

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        Amanda Neil

        This girl is a cheating slut. She was on cheer and used to fuck the football team back in high school. She shows her tits to anyone who asks and loves doing stuff in public. She dresses slutty in public. She now goes to California State University, Dominguez Hills. I hope all her employers and cl...

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          Claire (Flanigan) Rathbun

          “College Slut Claire (Flanigan) Rathbun” This cheating slut loves to sleep around. Went to University of Idaho. Original: By: adminPosted: September 9, 2015, 8:06 pm

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            Ashley Lee McIntyre Clemson SC

            Ashley represents Clemson university well..the naked pics that she sent to a bunch of people may not help her professional career but the important thing is you guys enjoy them lol.. They are not hard to find online. Original: By: adminPosted: Sept...

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              Ashley McDermott, Chicago, IL

              Ashley McDermott, Chicago, IL. Shes a cheater. I slept with her along with the rest of the frat house and she was the dirtiest girl at Western Michigan University. Shes blown out and smells terrible!! Original: By: adminPosted: September 9, 2...

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                DR. ANEE USMAN AKA ANEE KHAN = CANTON MI 48188 OR WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY Future Doctor Anee Khan. Currently studies @ med school on Wayne State University. Do not ever go to her or interract with her. HER family is a scam and they all are lying Muslim, immigrant cheaters who all got married just ...

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                  Julie Plaster Burke from Missouri

                  My husband and I where married for 22 years. He is an extremely abusive man who cheated and lied all the time. We split up several times over the years and twice I got my own place waiting till I earned enough money to divorce him. He would always come back and beg and plead for me to come home a...

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                    Renata Andrade de Olivera

                    This just another messed up story…My husband and I got married in Virginia after being together two years. My family loved him in fact my mother still thinks he’s a good guy. He is originally from Brazil so we went through all the struggles of getting his green card. I supported him ...

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                      Chelsea Elaine Briggs

                      This girl is nothing but bad news and will wreck you family. She has no concern for children even though she is dirty and has been with most of her graduating class not to mention the other married men she has bedded for her benefit. My husband went back to school to get a degree and this little ...

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                        Marissa Stewart from Cape Coral, Florida

                        I’ve been with my husband for 11 years, we’ve been married for 6 years. We made 3 beautiful children. We had our ups and downs but I never expected that the first tramp that showed him a little attention, he’d sleep with. Of course I’m the one who works and makes all the m...

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