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      Jennifer Marie Fiegl, Arizona

      Watch out for this psycho. She met my husband on a Facebook group page and won’t stop messaging him and sending him nasty pictures. I have even reached out to her to let her know that her advances were unwanted and she blocked me. She is married with kids herself. Obviously she doesn’...

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        and after saying he feels comfortable with me

        beware of this bottom feeding piece of scum. This jerk lives in orlando florida but is from arizona and utah. He is a mental case. Before meeting he kept telling me he wants to cuddle and all kinds of nonsense. Then he said ok we can do what you want to do. He is a passive aggressive freak. He ha...

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          micheal berry

          Weird kinky am abusive Additional information to assist others reading about micheal berry in First Name : micheal Last Name : berry Gender : Male Age : 43 Occupation : paramedic City : lithia springs Country : US By: datingpsychosuserPosted: February 21, 2018, 1:46 am

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            anthony palumbo

            brb Additional information to assist others reading about anthony palumbo in First Name : anthony Last Name : palumbo Gender : Male Age : 41 Occupation : unemployed City : fort myers Country : US By: datingpsychosuserPosted: February 21, 2018, 12:59 am

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              Jason Louis Deggs “Jay” Bremerton, Wa He started off cheating online then brought it into reality more then 2 times. He’s good at what he does. Loves to word manipulate uses his charm and smile to win you over and he is a fabulous LIAR. He’s a Gemini so His many and I mean...

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                Bill Stem, Texas

                He loves talking to married women…He has cheated on me with my sister but he does give great oral s*x. He uses kik and his user name is goruck034. He’s a skeezy a*s heroin addict By: datingpsychosuserPosted: February 11, 2018, 1:34 am

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                  Bradley Lawrence Kerr

                  There’s too much to type in this small box really . Brad is emotionally , mentally, and physically abusive to me . He cheated with his ex girlfriend that he has kept as a side piece of a*s through the last 8 years . I’m not the only one he’s cheated on with that s**t . He had hi...

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                    William Brewer

                    : is a user of any woman. He is definitely not one to be trusted at all. We talked for weeks and got along so great together. I spent a weekend with him and things were perfect. He asked me to move in with him. So while is was on the road (truck driver), I moved all my stuff down here. He came ho...

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                      Steven Boyer

                      My first time ever posting something about a man but this one apparently loves attention. He pursued me for quite some time. It took me nearly a year to date him but in the meantime we shared personal stories. I opened up to him and I thought he was doing the same to me. He knew how important it ...

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                        Charles James Striker

                        If you ask me, he looks to be almost 60, but the woman who profiled him on another website/p_guydetails.asp?id=21866 did not list his age, so I had to guess an age for him, and if I’m wrong, hope she sees this to tell us his true age. : starts off on dating sites by telling you he sees some...

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