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      Douglas R. Holberger

      Douglas is a liar and a cheater. Douglas Holberger has been know to expose himself to other people. Douglas Holberger is a Creeper. Original: By: adminPosted: July 21, 2016, 5:03 am

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        Shellie Callender Cockerham of Louisiana

        In 2014 My husband got a job at a local hospital and was sent on a work trip for a health land conference to Austin, Texas in October. Shellie Callender Cockerham worked at the same hospital and was sent on this conference trip also. Along with a group of other guys and girls. The first night in ...

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          Bruce Henning

          Bruce Henning pays for sex from men and women. Bruce Henning is so desperate for sex he meets people off of Craigslist, Ashley Madison, Tinder and many more. Bruce Henning has mental illnesses, very abusive verbally, and physically after he manipulates and degrades you over time. Bruce Henning li...

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            Patti Finnegan in St Petersburg Fl

            DO NOT DATE Patti Finnegan!!!! For those of you living in the St Petersburg/ Tampa areas, beware of this vixen. Patti Finnegan is a liar, an idiot and she will con you into believing she likes you. Patti Finnegan moved to the area from Minnesota and she will begin texting you that she likes you a...

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              Kate Brannan of Middletown, New York

              This old, pruned skanky slut sleeps with married men. Kate Brannan is constantly trolling gun clubs and art shows to find married men to sleep with. One conversation with this bitch and you know she is out with the fairies and not in reality. Kate Brannans old as hell with haggard gray hair. I gi...

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                Ashley Dorton Tate of Missouri

                Theres nothing more humiliating than admitting youre an idiot.and I am. Dave and I have been together for a year and a half officially.He has 2 children (that I adore) from a previous relationship. Around August 2014 him, and his 2 children (when he had them), moved into my home. Things seemed gr...

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                  Jessica Duran, Las Vegas, Nevada

                  All you have to do is show Jessica Duran some attention and she will f**k you or suck you no matter your age. Loves her throat f****d deep and c*m on her face and likes her a*s f****d too. Jessica Duran has always been a s**t that will f**k anyone and spread her legs. Im just feel sorry for her e...

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                    John Varvara of Mission Viejo, California

                    John Varvara will sleep with anything ladies. Do not trust him one bit. He will tell you he is the founder and President of Club Nutrition. He will then tell you, your the one, and that your special. Dont fall for his BS.Original:

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                      Natalie Serna of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

                      Natalie Serna is a married woman and works for The Lodge at Geneva Ridge. Natalie likes to fool around with anyone, and has a STD. She doesnt care who she shares this with by the way. RUN GUYSOriginal: By: adminPosted: October 28...

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                        Tiffany Lynn Bivins, of Cleveland Ohio

                        Ive been married to Jason for 13 years we have 2 children. Things were getting stressful around the house and I know he was distant. We had a camping trip planned for the family on labor day weekend while on the camping trip my husband got a little too drunk. His phone kept going off so I checked...

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