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      Nathan Priester, Miami, Florida

      His going to come at you supper charming and fun. His going to make you feel sorry for him while telling you what hapoen to him as a foster kid. But STAY AWAY LADIES! He is a cheater and a women beater. You’ve been warn stay with him and you will fine out for yourself. Original: http://badb...

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        Billy Ray Davis Jr., Burke, Virginia

        Billy Ray Davis from Burke, Virginia is a psychopath that spreads HIV/AIDS to men & women he meets on dating sites. He’s a broke Bill Cosby lacing drinks with drugs & spreading HIV/AIDS. He’s the financial aid rep at Northern Virginia Community College & he uses that to pr...

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          Michael Bilheimer, California

          This guy claims to be faithful, honest and loyal. He is a liar, cheater, selfish and.completely untrustworthy. He’s a fireman and I should have known better. Stay away from him Original: By: Bad Boy ReportsPosted: November 23, 2015...

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            William E Muex, Grand Prairie, Texas

            Watch out for William E Muex, he is a charismatic country boy from Memphis Tn but his wife Rachelle J Muex lives in Saginaw Mi with his two daughters. He just got out the Army in Richmond Va and is going to work in Grand Praire Tx. While in Richmond he was going out and screwing at least four di...

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              Jesse Cardenas, Fort Worth, Texas

              This man has multiple girlfriends. In his own words, ‘I dig variety just like to have 2 or 3 relationships at once. However, he doesn’t tell you that till after he’s caught. I was seeing him for almost 2 years found out he was seeing another girl for a year. Also, he was 32 &...

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                Edward Huggins, Silver Spring, Maryland

                Edward Huggins also goes by the user names adrenalinerush1015 on Instagram and adam054321 on POF I’m sure other random names on other dating sites. Live in the DMV area. He attracts women by telling them he is a private detective in the state of Maryland has a badge and even a detective de...

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                  Michael Revonta Mcclain, Ohio

                  He goes by tayblockaaa you can find him on various dating websites such as badoo and tagged. He has a main chick and started a relationship with another woman for 2 years. Hes legally separated. He lies about everything. He’s broke and has no money. Just an old 43 year old man pretending t...

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                    Dr. Kamal Ranasinghe, San Diego, California

                    Terrorists!!! Abushadi family and Dr. Kamal Ranasinghe wealthy educated cheaters. Asma confessed to her husband: Asma and Kamal met in Dubai prior to 1999….he was an old pervert who seduced a minor in a country that allowed men to have more than one wife. He is a very wealthy married busi...

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                      Nick Bellotti III, Bloomfield

                      Nick Riback was the name he gave me. I dated him in 2012. He acted like a good guy but was a man whore, dating and sleeping with whoever would take him. Come to read more posts bout him and find out he was a Catholic priest from Newark New Jersey for at least 4 years. He was homosexual as well. I...

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                        David Menzies, Raleigh, North Carolina

                        This man has a string of last minute cancellations dating back to September of 2013. Too bad I didn’t check those reports until after he did the same thing to me. He also spoke inappropriately to me after I stated that I did not want to re-book. This man is a total time waster and shouldn&r...

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