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      Audrey Bitoni, Los Angeles, California

      Audrey Bitoni (born August 16, 1986) who is an adult actress, female adult performer or female adult entertainer is hereby to be noted as being blacklisted, condemned, and denounced for her racism and skin color prejudice against African-American men or Black men especially. This female adult per...

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      • Exposing Cheaters

        Chelsey Lucio (Los Angeles) is a completely VULGAR, TRASHY WHORE

        Chelsey Lucio is a completely VULGAR, TRASHY WHORE! This cheap, shameless, cunning whore talks in ugly, disgusting language all the time with almost any male cocks she can find!! No kidding…LITERALLY. She lives by “very high” profanity standard. This underground bitch got a bad...

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        • Exposing Cheaters

          Chelsey Lucio (Los Angeles, Texas)

          Chelsey Lucio is probably about the one of the cheapest w***e in this planet. Not only she grew up in a poverty condition with both parents doing labor work. Chelsey Lucio herself is dumb as a donkey, and mentally damaged with an ill heart who harasses and back stab people while pretending to be ...

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