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      Megan Alyssa King Vernon,VT USA

      This chick doesn’t want anyone to be happy. Will stop at nothing to suck all happiness out of relationships. Doesn’t use protection during sexual intercorse. Uses fake pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to keep guys. Cheats constantly. Doesn’t care about anything except for the nex...

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        Casey Michelle Compton, Atlanta Area, Georgia, USA

        A manipulative con artist and junkie who pretends to be single and childless to impress men. When in reality, she secretly a single mother and will date multiple men at the same time without their knowledge. She use to claim she would give up her own kids just to be with the next man. She’s...

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          Cody Patterson Calhoun, Georgia

          This man right here is nothing but a nasty dope whore who will fuck a dope whore and will even pay them in dope to fuck or suck him he’s abusive he will hit and treat you like shit he will use every girl for sex and even men he has herpes and best of all he’s got a child who he doesn&...

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            Homewrecker: Darren Ambler: New Jersey

            I want to first say that I found out this Darren Ambler was sleeping with my Mother whom was still married. I do not know what my mom told Darren Ambler. But she was married at the time of his fun and games with my mother. This dude is sickening- sleeping with my mother a woman 25 years older ...

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              Michelle De Vandahlcourte slutty freak

              My husband had Michelle de Vandahlcourte locked up in his gun cabinet tied up and dressed as a pig for 20 hours on thanksgiving day 2016. It was another case when a man gets surprised by his wife coming home. It was the holidays and we weren’t supposed to be at our house bc were all going t...

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                Michelle De Vandahlcourte b-j student

                My ex husband was a professor at LSU in the political science department back in the early 2000s when Michelle Zaragoza aka the future Michelle De Vandahlcourte was taking one of his classes. She already had a rep with male faculty. They said she wasn’t an a/b student, she was a bj student....

                Tags: Louisiana, Adultress, homewrecker, slut, Slutty, std infected, whore

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                  Joey Walz

                  Scumbag’s name is Joey Walz age, 19 as of December 2017. Goes by Nighthawk or Nighthawk-Walz online. Serial cheater. Attempted to start an affair and sext with my friend’s wife, despite Walz being in a relationship of his own. This was shortly after my friend opened up to Walz regardi...

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                    Adam Ray Asbill & Amanda Denise Corder Gilbert-Lewisville SC

                    Adam Asbill is a cheater, liar, homewrecker, deadbeat pos and still married. Amanda is just a homewrecking w***e that stays drunk in the bars while her children take care of themselves. Adam has failed at everything including life. He doesn’t take care of his kids and is mean to the mothers...

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                      Andre Jae Canepa San Jose CA USA

                      Some people call him AJ. Don’t fall for his charms. He is just using that to hook you in and can act like a gentleman, a knight in shining armor or Prince Charming in a fairytale just to get what he wants. S*x is all he thinks about, the only thing he really wants. He is not very honest and...

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                        David DePuma-Fort Worth/Dallas/Keller

                        This guy is cruising straight dating apps and going out with women while also on several gay dating apps. We met on an online dating app and then discovered he’s also on Grindr, Scruff, Daddyhunt. According to his Scruff profile (Muscleboy) he is a bottom and on PrEP, looking for an older...

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