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      Lisa Simpson

      Every one who publishes a defamatory libel is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. #FoodForThought Original: By: adminPosted: September 13, 2015, 8:41 pm

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        Nikki Luckey Phillips

        She lived in Bluffton South Carolina now lives in Uniontown Pennsylvania. 843-879-4943. She is a married woman looking to cheat on her husband with married men. She is a pathetic whore!Original: By: adminPosted: September 10, 2015, 4:04 pm

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          Kenzie Ness — Moorhead, Minnesota

          My husband was arrested in January 2015 for a parole violation and I was 4 months pregnant with my first child. I confided in this girl because she claimed to be my best friend. Everything was going fine, until our daughter was stillborn. My husband decided he was going to call her phone while I ...

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            Tressie McMillan Cottom Atlanta, Georgia

            I met my husband 5 years ago. I always thought he was the man of my dreams. John is a man that prides himself on being the man others are jealous of and other women want. He was kind, fun, smart, and extremely attractive. After a 2 year courtship, we got married and had two kids. Shortly after th...

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              Tracey A. Gonzales Lakewood, Illinois

              This girl (hooker) helped turn my self and my childrens life upside down. I was supposed to be married right now but recently left my ex fiance over this broad. I’ve been with this man for three years and have a set of twins with him. I have been busting my butt trying to get this wedding t...

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                Stephanie Burritt in Essex, Vermont

                Stephanie started working with my now ex husband. He and I recently seperated because of other issues and she knew this. All I wanted from him was to figure out what he wanted. She flirted and sent pictures to him on his phone. When I questioned him he denied the whole thing for hours. She didn&r...

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                  Beth Wood — Franklin, New Hampshire

                  My name is Melynda. I had been with my boyfriend, Will since 2011. We were in love and happy. We have a beautiful, sweet baby Leo together. A week before our third anniversary I got a bad feeling. Will had taken my car to go to work (he is a team leader at a 3rd shift job in a factory), the next ...

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                    Anna Weitz Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

                    The affair began in April, 2014 and lasted until July. This is not your typical homewrecking s***! No this s*** was persistent in her efforts to win. I doubt this was ever even about my husband, but rather the confidence boost, which she clearly needs, that comes with stealing a beautiful wife&rs...

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                      Nikki Smith Pennsylvania

                      First, let me preface by saying I am not one of those women who solely blames the homewrecker while the husband is innocent. HELL NO!! I blame my husband for his careless actions, lying, and turning our 10 year marriage into a loveless, cold union by choosing to do what he did with this midget s*...

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                        Ysela Rivera San Antonio, Texas

                        The home wreckers name is Ysela Rivera. I found out about my ex husbands affair with this trash about 6 months ago. I’m happy to say that our divorce has been finalized. My pathetic ex let trash end a 10 year marriage. My ex met this w**** in 2011 while attending classes at a university in ...

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