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      Rebekah Sheler of Geneva, Alabama

      he small town whore Rebekah Sheler 21 years old. Dated my brother. This nasty crazy HO has a story she uses as her MO with every guy she preys on. Here it is!!! She claims her father abused her. He was a vet with PTSD. She said he wanted her to be a boy so he tried to make her tough. All lies! T...

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        Tiffany Lynn Bivins, of Cleveland Ohio

        I’ve been married to Jason for 13 years we have 2 children. Things were getting stressful around the house and I know he was distant. We had a camping trip planned for the family on labor day weekend while on the camping trip my husband got a little too drunk. His phone kept going off so I...

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          Lisa Macmilian Martinelli of Georgia

          Lisa Macmilian Martinelli was a cheater, 247 fucked like a starfish, and couldn’t suck a dick to save her life, but she had a tight pussy. Lisa Macmilian Martinelli is biggest slut ever, she fucked 6 guys at one time at party. Met Lisa Macmilian Martinelli on POF.COM had her panties off wi...

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            Pamela Edwards of Melbourne, Australia

            We were married 12 years. .life was difficult as marriage was..this isn’t or wasn’t the first time he cheated but this was the first one I found out about who it was happening with. Right under my nose. Our daughter was 6 at that time. He often went away for work ..but this time he a...

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              Ivan Blackwell of Baltimore, Maryland

              Ivan Blackwell is charming, witty, and good-looking. We met at and he asked me to be his lady friend two weeks later. Sure it was quickly, faster than i have ever been in a relationship however the chemistry was once strong and it felt proper. Except it wasnt. The connection was once almost idea...

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                Kendra Cousineau of Billings, Montana

                When my fiance left for a one week trip to Montana I was engaged, when he got back I was already single and just didn’t know it yet. He and I have been together since March 2012 and I’ll admit it was rocky… He’s a believer in polyamory and I am not, so when I found out t...

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                  Annelize Klynsmith of Johannesburg, South Africa

                  Annelize Klynsmith of Johannesburg, South Africa – My boyfriend and I had a mainly happy relationship with the usual ups and downs, we had a good life with our almost 9 month old baby girl when he ran into a women he knew from many years ago. When exactly this happened I’m not sure, b...

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                    Johnnyboy Rich of Albuquerque, New Mexico

                    I met this Johnnyboy Rich in 2013 he was manipulative, controlling and always making accusations of cheating so he could make his victims apologize for his infidelity! Johnnyboy Rich will never stay faithful to one woman and has proven this with a divorce due to cheating and the most recent of h...

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                      Ivette Manzur of Houston, Texas or Signapore

                      Ivette Manzur of Signapore doesn’t care about the lives she ruins. Ivette Manzur targets married men, even those with children and pregnant wives. Ivette Manzur cheats on its husband and thinks it can get away with it. It has no concern for who it hurts in the process.  Ivet...

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                        Misty Kinnan

                        Misty Kinnan and I met online and talked and was together for 8 months and I loved this woman with all my heart the first woman to get me off alcohol … Misty Kinnanknows how to say all the right things. uses you for your money and sex. She couldn’t keep track of her lies. Give ...

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