Kevin Kas Colin Keith Tim Gheran Hussein Dan.

Brief description: Colette Josephine Sullivan 16/07/1976 Serial cheating covert narcissist suicide enforcement officer. London, Lincolnshire, UK. Cork, Ireland.

About me

Colette sullivan Covert Narcissist Slut.Colette Sullivan whore Colette Josephine Sullivan. 16/07/1976. Colette  Sullivan. 16/07/1976. My screen name is just a few of her sexual partners she had while in a "committed relationship".
This is a true statement, a PERMANENT character reference for Colette Sullivan. I am willing to take a lie detector test to prove it's transparency.

Cheated on multiple times by my ex covert malignant narcissist DARK TRIAD psychopath slut from hell, "Colette Josephine Sullivan 16/07/1976"
Colette Sullivan had NUMEROUS relationships at differing stages behind my back forever.
She led a double, triple, and quadruple life with many guys, and lied to all of us.
Beaten, poisoned, humiliated, triangulated, gaslighted, tortured, ghosting, the full psychopath works. Surprised I'm not dead.
I have been through the narcissist cycle at least 8 times, and they just get quicker and more sadistic every time. The narcissist cycle seems to start when some guy responds to Colette's flirting, then, I'm in for a rollercoaster ride from hell. The discard phase starts and becomes blatant. Now I am targeted for serious torture. Here is an expert describing the discard phase:
I watched the woman I love turn into a DEMONIC CUNT. Her face dropped, and I saw a woman I never recognised. A demonic transformation. She turned evil. And she enjoyed it. The SMIRKS. Only twisted evil people SMIRK when they inflict trauma.

I saved her from choking many times. When it was my turn choking, she did not even help. She gave my back a rub, instead of a pounding like I done for her. She wanted me dead.

Her slut enabling sister Patricia Sullivan helped her cheat, they've been slut enabling, covering for and supplying each other for decades. Another covert narcissist. Now I'm gone, her boyfriend Dan may be in for a shock. Keep a look out for the beard rash, mate. It's a dead give away. I had to warn Patricia one day on the phone. My exact words were "Patricia, STOP BRINGING HOME MORE MEN THAN YOU CAN FUCK".
She used to bring 3 guys home from night clubs. 3 guys, Pat and Colette. No supervision. What do you think went on? Colette told me one guy was running around their house with his trousers round his ankles.
And I'm not there.

If you employ this woman, you will be paying her for sex, same as her previous employers. She will have all the guys fighting over her within a few months and your business will suffer, just like all the other jobs she had. She has sex during work hours.

During one discard phase, she made sure the toilet seat was raised every day when I came home from work to let me know there had been a man in the house and drive me crazy. She was in bed, giggling as I came in, waiting for me to discover the raised toilet seat. When I shouted "Why's the toilet seat up again??" She squealed like a banshee. A mind orgasm of evil. She received so much pleasure from my despair, she did it every day. A sadistic demon.
Watch from 1.30
One day during this time, I came home early one day. She quickly sent a secret text and deleted it. She never even said "hello". I grabbed her phone. Message deleted. ALL girls names. She has guys numbers under girls names. She tried to goad me into having me arrested but I did nothing but shout. So she assaulted me and opened all the windows while I lost my temper to try and get everyone to believe she was in danger. She cried out of the window for nothing. She ran in and out crying to get witnesses.

So, Valentines Day, 2017, just after our 25th anniversary, Colette calls me as usual at lunch time, but all she talks about is Kevin, her African colleague. Every sentence has Kevin in it. Then she calls her sister Patricia for half an hour to boast about what she's doing to me and to get more psycho advice. Then she calls me again and says Kevin's name in every sentence. She is triangulating him with me, and introducing me to my replacement.
Then, she comes home stinking of excrement with cock breath, with torn clothes, broken jewelery, sex injuries, and everything she says has KEVIN in it. All she speaks about is her sore anus and Kevin.
She is being GANGBANGED at work, and coming home telling me of her anus being sore, every time she takes a dump she says there is blood in the toilet, and she gets me to open her Anusol capsule every night with a smirk on her face. She is telling me she is having ANAL sex with an African. Who else would say such things? Everything she says at this time is a CONFESSION. Narcissist discard. They tell on themselves to cause you pain.
Then on the 18th of February, she comes home from work, stinking of shit, with cock breath, then she starts watching interracial anal porn, (to push all my buttons.) I tell her to pack her stuff, but she calls her Dad in Ireland, crying. She's rallying the troops again, she's starting the flying monkey circus.
The usual suspects.
NARCISSISTS always discard you on a sensitive date:
I saw it coming this time, and I filmed it, rather than fall for it.
It happened on Valentines day, after our 25th anniversary.
This statement is for her family. She is a LIAR. AND YOU ARE SUCKERS.

This twisted psychotic JEZEBEL whore needs locking up or medication.
She is a real danger to her next target.
Some of her sexual conquests are:
Kevin, (6'4" African colleague, ANAL sex, 2016/2017), Kas, (Oriental colleague 2015/2016). They both work here where she used to. Gangbang central Funny how sluts always move away. Tim, (1992 - 2002. I will gladly have a pint with Tim, because she treated him like shit, too.It was NOT your fault, mate). Ginger Colin, (Colleague at Clinton Cards 2007, Gheran, (A 6'2" African Pastor 2008/9), Keith O'Brien ("best mate"), just some of the cocks she sucked. Friends, neighbours, colleagues, drug addicts, anyone at all. As many as possible.
Well she did have her older sister to compete with, didn't she?

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