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Darren Ambler- STD Carrier- Cheater- Sex Addict Pathological Liar- Cherry Hill New Jersey: BEWARE:

Darren Ambler- sex addict - abuser- STD carrier- Sociopath- Dangerous Liar- Cherry Hill NJ- 40 yrs Old. He will sleep with anyone out of necessity. Darren Ambler is manipulative and a sociopath. He ha slept with Hookers and a variety of Females with Low Moral standards. Darren Ambler resides on 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill NJ- He works at Express Scripts in Franklinville NJ as a Pharmacist.
Darren has had sex with 68 year old women. This is vulgar and gross, Darren Ambler is 39 years old. How sick and perverted is that? Darren is homely ans has rancid breath. Horrible in bed and forces women to do filthy sex acts. He forced me into explicit dirty oral sex . Darren Ambler abused me and used to threaten me and make me strip off his clothes. Darren Ambler has a tiny wee wee and is horribly ugly with no personality.
Darren is an immoral liar with no conscience. He is rotten inside and out.. BEWARE of this STD carrying sex Predator. Call Authorities if he solicits you: Darren is a sociopath and has no feelings for anyone. He is quite selfish. Darren Ambler cares about his own sexual needs. He acts like an immature baby in diapers at times. A definite mamas boy.
This ugly jerk screwed prostitutes and low class females without proper protection. Therefore, the creep gave me an STD. Transmitting STD's can be charged Criminally. I think this time Darren Ambler will be forced to take responsibility for his immoral actions. Darren Ambler has no morals- etiquette, social grace or breeding. He acts like a complete low life. How can a 39 year old man perform oral sex on an old women? Well ask Darren Ambler because he did it:
Darren abused me for the last time. I will never allow another man to use me for sex and threaten me. Darren used to force me to have sex in the closet and on the lawn. He is a demented over sexed animal. Darren Ambler must be stopped. He stalks prey before he seduces the women into his bed He controls people through some very bad sex. As i said- You need a high power magnifying glass to locate his wee wee. Darren is insecure and pathetic. No personality and his face and body are Gross. His 130 pound body leaves much to be desired. Darren looks better fully clothed. Naked is a gross site.
PLEASE avoid this STD carrying sex addict at all cost- Call authorities if he solicits you. He is a bad human being all around. Hide your grandmother- Darren gets the hots for old ladies. A real sick human being.

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