BEWARE! Predator and child molestor on the loose!

This twisted pervert needs to be stopped. Admitted in a letter sent from his google account that he molested his 15 year old step daughter. Prowls the internet for underaged hook ups. He gets away with it because is friends with law enforcement. Is involved with soliciting women from human traffickers. Please alert people about this man on your site. Law enforcement has done nothing because this guy has worked in IT security for these agencies and has connections in high places caping for him. His 13 year old grand daughter is in danger as he has raised her from a baby. She is cutting, running away and drinking hard liquor...signs that may indicate she is abused. Here is a nude selfie that he took that he sends out to teens. DISGUSTING! James Douglas McAllister is 60 years old and has been married 4 times. He is broken and cant be fixed as he targets single mothers and has abused the children and the women. He currently works in IT Security for Cord 3 Innovations in Ottawa, Ontario. He resides at 54 South Street in Perth, Ontario K7H 2G7. James drives a navy blue Chevy Cruze. His email addresses are [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] His phone number is 613-862-0357. His birthdate is March 25, 1957