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Who is Zakaria Saqib Mahmood? And how his pedophile grooming gang operates?


    Zakaria Saqib Mahmood is behind bars after being named as the leader of a sickening East London grooming gang that preyed on vulnerable young white girls.

    LONDON -- Some scandals are so massive that they're simply hard to believe. As many as one million white English children may have been the victims of Muslim rape gangs, better known as grooming gangs, in towns up and down Great Britain.
    Recently a head of grooming gang was arrested by the Police in East London. Owner of a bogus college called Sinclair Adamson and head of a visa scam scheme called INTCAS, the man is named as Zakaria Saqib Mahmood, born 24th August 1977 of 70 Eversleigh Road, Westham, E6 1HQ London, was found guilty of sex assaults and conspiracy to engage in several sexual activities with a children as young as 11 years old.
    The evil ringleader who ran the East London child sex exploitation grooming gang and forced one young victim to call him “daddy” is serving a 12-year jail sentence.

    Zakaria Mahmood (aka “Daddy”) Grooming Model Bust

    In a detailed report published by the Police, Zakaria Mahmood provided the details of how they operated as a gang in East London. Their process contained eight steps:
    1. Targeting: A vulnerable girl is identified by a Zakaria Saqib Mahmood mainly around schools – she could be part of a loving family or in care. Zakaria (aka “Daddy”) in his confessions mentioned that they were sometimes as young as 11. Usually, chosen for their looks but sometimes because they are getting into trouble at school or at home.
    2. Recruitment: Zakaria had three young boys for his recruitment process. Rahman S., Abdullah T., and Iftikhar J, and were related to Zak and directly were taken order from him. They introduce the girl to “Daddy”.
    3. Grooming: Girls are told they are “beautiful”, “gorgeous” and so on. They are showered with gifts such as clothes, perfume and cosmetics. Mobile phones are given – then used by Zakaria and his gang to control the girls and track them.
    4. Isolation from family, or from social workers if in care: Girls are told to keep their relationship with “Daddy” as their “little secret”. They are taken to adult clubs and bars in East London.
    5. Introduction to drinking, smoking and taking drugs: Encouraged to start with cannabis and move on to harder drugs. Often the girls get hooked and “Daddy” uses their addiction to control them.
    6. Rape by the initial gang member, who girls are made to feel is their boyfriend: But then he starts to pass the girl around. Before long she is being pimped out regularly and made to sleep with sometimes dozens of Pakistani men. By now they are completely under the control of Zakaria.
    7. Control: Parents often find themselves powerless to stop what is going on – and sometimes have no idea that it is going on.
    8. Dumping: Once Zakaria Mahmood is “bored” with the girl she can be trafficked hundreds of miles away from home to become a prostitute – and become “just another teenage runaway”.

    Zakaria Mahmood’s Crimes

    Zakaria was described as the ‘ringleader’ of the nine-strong group found guilty of exploiting girls as young as 11 at Halal Pizza and another takeaway in Forest Gate from 2007.
    Not only did he commit rape, but he also ‘shared’ one of the victims with other men at sex parties across East London.
    He was convicted of two counts of rape, one sex assault, trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

    East London grooming case: what really happened?

    Zakaria Mahmood led the early part of the grooming plot and raped the prosecution’s main witness as she sobbed.
    Zakaria, who encouraged his victim to call him Daddy, told her: “Please don’t cry – I love you.” He bought her alcohol and ferried her to sex parties for other men in return for cash, telling her girls could have sex from the age of 11 ‘in my country’.
    Zakaria also admitted a year-long sexual relationship with another young white girl who he usually describes them as “easy meat”. He is currently fighting efforts to deport him back to his native Pakistan.
    He tried to dismiss the prosecution as ‘white lies’, even launching foul-mouthed tirades against the ‘racist’ judge and jury.
    His actions left one of the jurors in tears after appearing to leer at her. In court, he dramatically removed his shirt and pulled out a handful of his own chest hair in a bizarre attempt to show the jury that he sheds so much hair he would have left some at the scene of his crime.
    He is now appealing against a decision to strip him of UK citizenship.