Victims of Adam Russell Pratt

If you are a victim of Adam Russell Pratt or have any information that may help in bringing about justice please join here and upon review you will be added to a private group where we will protect your identity and only share what you give permission* for us to. It may help to talk to other victims and understand why "NO CONTACT" is so important. There are files shared that are only viewable to group members we will protect you.

* legal matters will be shared with proper agencies, but your identity will not be made public

    • Angel

      By Angel

      Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

      The following depicts the signs and symptoms of common addictions and Narcissistic addiction.


      An inability to stop using/engaging with the substance
      Addiction continues despite awareness of serious harm
      Withdrawal Symptoms
      Social/Financial/Recreational Sacrifices
      Unpredictable and/or Unstable Behaviors
      Secrecy and Denial
      Behaviors that Inhibit Normal Life Functioning

      No Contact

      No contact seems pretty harsh to a lot of people and in most cases it is. It’s not meant for relationships where there was mutual love and respect, but it just didn’t work out, or long term relationships, where you’ve grown apart. Many people who have become addicted to their Narcissist allow themselves to become members of a Narcissistic Harem, because they would rather have a piece of them, than nothing at all. They drop everything on the whim of their Narcissists and allow themselves to be used and manipulated over and over again.