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Since there are a lot of crazy people on the internet who defend predators like Adam Pratt of Averill Park, Kingston, Albany, Dunham Hollow New York we would like them, or the Pratt Family to answer these questions
1) If Adam Pratt did not engage in criminal sex acts with Malek Chaieb why did this girl claim numerous times she was “underage” , “a minor” or she was sending Adam Russell to jail? She bragged about getting pictures of his naked penis every day and “knows all of his underwears”
2) If Adam Pratt’s perverted internet sexual relationship was not illegal why did he create accounts to hide her?
3) If Adam Russell Pratt is not a danger why was he away for 2 years?
4) If Adam Pratt is not a danger to children why does he have no custody of his children? Why were there mandated supervised visits?
5) Why was Adam masturbating in bed with his son with Malek Chaieb on Skype? At the home of his parents Jill Sterling and Russ Pratt? Sister Katie Henderson? &
6) Why are there naked pictures of a young boy on Adam Pratt’s lap that were shared?
7) Why was another child forced to eat and terrified to tell their guardian things Adam and Malek were doing?
8) Why are there active restraining orders against Adam R. Pratt?
9) If what any of us say is false why have none of us been served with legal actions? If we were lying we are guilty of libel/slander. One person was contacted by one of the sites warning them they got a request to remove content, they provided more evidence. Nothing has been removed.
10) If Malek Chaieb was not a minor why would any of these people communicate with a person they never met, who made such horrible claims about Adam Pratt and what he did with children? How can she send Adam Pratt to jail? Did she blackmail them? These accusations from Malek Chaieb ruined Adam’s life if he is innocent. We have proof this week they were communicating. So who is the vengeful one telling him he is “going to jail for this” we have yet to publish the one where Malek Chaieb in all caps from this year says “I AM UNDERAGE” when she was questioned about it again before anyone started posting on the web. Maybe you should ask Malek Chaieb aka Sheyla Oliver
Questions those of us warning others are asked will be answered below, as well as clarification on some accusations. We believe the first 2 are more than fair.
1) Why are you posting on the internet and not going to authorities?
Authorities have been in communication with several people since December 2014 regarding Adam Pratt’s crimes against children as well as suspicion of other crimes like fraud. We believe with these people being warned the investigation was made harder. When people are shocked by something so disturbing they make mistakes, it happens all the time and is why there are so many of our kids being harmed all the time.
We have evidence Adam deleted photos, Malek deleted SIM cards, and that Jill helped. There is also the problem that with Adam Pratt being an internet predator people live all over the country and the world. Other states authorities and organizations as well as federal and Tunisian had to communicate. While Adam was abusing his children, Malek was watching and then touching herself via Skype from her room at school in Tunisia.
This whole thing is very sick and frustratingly complicated. One ex was told by authorities to cease contact with another ex as they believe she warned Adam too and relied on money he gave her. We can’t have them arrested via the internet. We can though warn people who look them up after they are contacted by them on social media, we can offer a place for other stories to be shared and collect more evidence to bring to the authorities.
2) “Why are you attacking a minor?”
We are really in a hard place with this Malek Chaieb, Sheyla Oliver person. According to authorities and other research she uses these names and others in both Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and France. We know she is a criminal, but is she still a minor? What is her legal name? Adam told many people Malek Chaieb was a man or became a man. All we can confirm is from their own words, pictures, and video is that Malek or Sheyla (Or Johanna) looks very young, some say like “a little boy” and Malek herself made many claims action had to be taken on. This girl is a sick violent person who wanted children aborted and attacked victims and people who tried to protect her ever before she offered up that she was a minor and sending Adam Pratt to jail.
Federal and International authorities have been looking into Malek for her involvement in possible terrorism. The first woman to find this out did not know what was going on she tries to move on with her life and protect her family, but she understandably did not know what to do. Had she not warned them and realized how bad it was they may be behind bars already. She thought he could be helped for his mental illness and that it being the internet he did not know Malek was underage. She then found out the truth, realized what she witnessed and when she was contacted and alerted that there were other victims she shared what she knew.
3) Are all these accusations lies from a woman woman seeking revenge “who is now spreading lies to ruin his life” because
Adam could not service her on demand”?
(Courtesy of predator supporter Dat Bea Johnson)
There are 2 people, myself included, who have no personal ties to the Pratt’s we are parents who do not live far from those people and heard the concerns and investigated further. We verified all information we saw and shared was unaltered except for redactions to protect victims and witnesses. There are 3 people who were intimate with Adam, only one who met and dated him. Others have come forward, but refused to prove any claims.
The one who met him, well she should be thanked, even by the predators for doing the right thing. By her NOT running to police, like most would have done she even gave them an opportunity to turn themselves { her naively believing it to be a mistake and caused by mental illness } what she got in return from these sick people was attacked. We have proof of how she went about warning those who should have been protecting those young kids. I know for sure this was NOT an act of vengeance, it takes coaxing to get her to even talk to anyone. She wants nothing more than to get away from the craziness and she also has to make sure what she shares and who she talks to will not cause issues with the authorities.
4) “You don’t even know where they live”
We have addresses for all involved and other people who confirmed and provided information. We do not want anyone trying to warn others harmed or an act of vigilantism to occur. Why we have even protected the Pratt’s living and work locations. as well as phone numbers and emails. All we want is these predators stopped so they cannot harm anymore children. Adam Pratt’s current addresses are not public, nor were they when this started. Pictures of the home Adam had a room and parked his car in Kingston were taken when we first got involved, I confirmed this. We did research to get the proof this women knew him and was there as well. Currently we do not know where Adam is living.
5) “Do we have a life”?
We have families that we love and would do anything to protect. We do not want to have to look at or publish these sickening things, but we believe knowing what we know makes us obligated to do what is right and protect children, and warn the women {mostly single mothers or mothers whose husbands are away from the home} he preys on using the internet when his eye is most likely on their kids. The guys were young, but none underage as far as we know.
In addition to what he has done and continues to do that is criminal, this is a man who will purposely try to trap a women by getting them pregnant, that is the only horrible thing he does that is not considered a crime. We believe he fits the pattern of a psychopath or sociopath. We know he was professionally diagnosed with a serious mental illness and has a history of violence. Some wish he gets help, some sent to prison, and myself as a father I hope he gets castrated.
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