Todd Treto

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    Todd Treto is a married 46 year old man who is sick and twisted in the head!! He's married...ya he really matter what he tells you! If his lips are moving ale is coming out, while his wife is at home he's at Chico State campus trolling for girls half his age! He meets people in class, adds then to his Facebook and then trolls through that person's friends befriending women. He texts and messages while his wife is at home or in bed until late in the night. The wife finds out and tells these girls he's married. Slick tongue Treto tells them his wife doesn't live with him...yet she came home one night after I was staying with him. She actually had class and just asked me to leave. He continued pursuing me behind her back telling her I was just a friend...I was his project to impetus my self esteem which is bill shit!!! I was in their bed...staying in her home all the while he lied to me about his continued relationship with his wife. To make things worse he was trolling and sweet talking other women at the same time. I feel so sorry for his wife!!!! He's a creepy weirdo stalker who for a game starts in line relationships with women and has one after another after another in line for the wife to find out about. He's a twisted man who likes to watch teen girls getting fucked in both holes...llikes to be fucked in his ass with a strap on and suck a man's dock, will place ads on Craigslist for people to come over and watch porn and stroke each other off while his wife is at work! Who does this? Just run ladies!!!! Lie after Lie is what you'll get with this as hole.......he will make you feel just as special as the other dozen women he's chatting with

      • TJ

        It's amazing that an ex-wife would go onto a website like this and post something so ex-stream that is all lies. I say soon to be ex-wife since we are still in the "cooling off period" just waiting for the divorce, that is already been filed, to be official which can't happen soon enough. Tells you all you need to know about her. Do something more productive with your time and yourself Kim.