Stacey Vyas of Tampa Florida

Stacey Vyas of Tampa Florida was posted as a home wrecker!  The anonymous person who posted Stacey Vyas of Tampa Florida in wrote:  This is Stacey Vyas and her poor husband Ron Vyas. She is a store manager for Microsoft originally from Ohio now currently living in the Tampa Florida area. She is a HYPOCRITE and a SKANK. As you can see from the picture above she claims her husband Ron is the love of her life. She is full of shit! She engaged in ridiculous amounts of texting/calls with my husband for eight months until I put a stop to it. If she is SOOOOOO in love with her husband as she claims on her white-picket- fence posts on Facebook she would have told my husband to fuck off but she didnÕt. When I confronted her the excuse she gave was that she ÒappreciatedÓ his friendship. I donÕt think she would like it if another woman would ÒappreciateÓ her husband like she was ÒappreciatingÓ mine. So I want to expose her for what she truly is and warn other married women. IÕm sure this is not her first time it might just be the first time she gets caught. She had the audacity to blame me for possibly losing her family after I reached out to her husband. She is even more pathetic then I originally thought. I wouldnÕt be contacting her husband if she had respected my marriage. I told her that if she wanted someone to blame all she had to do was look in the mirror. #Microsoft #staceyvyas

By: homewreckerreportuser8745
Posted: December 19, 2017, 1:20 pm