Brittnay Lujan, Gallup, New Mexico

This is a home wrecker report about Brittnay Lujan, Gallup, New Mexico.  To know why Brittnay Lujan, Gallup, New Mexico was identified as a homewrecker and added to, read the report about this person, Brittnay Lujan, Gallup, New Mexico, posted by an anonymous user of  My husband is in Gallup, NM for work. He loves eating at this local pub. This person works at that pub. My husband will go there to eat with coworkers a couple times a week. She was very friendly and open. She started to tell her personal problems to my husband and he felt that he should help her. So he gave her some money. Just a couple of bucks to help out with her kids. Then, it started to progress from there. She started to send him messages then pics of herself. He come home from work in NM to CO and he kept on getting messages during the whole weekend. He stated it was work buddies, but it was her. I checked his phone and she was sending him pics of herself to him some of them very vulgar. She would tell him how much she missed him and when he was coming back. Basically, this lady ruined my marriage. Ladies beware of her.

By: homewreckerreportuser8745
Posted: December 19, 2017, 2:57 pm