Instagram: Swiper Da Handyman

Instagram: Swiper Da Handyman, a resident of Jacksonville, Florida was added to! The reason that Instagram: Swiper Da Handyman was added to is: Open Child Support Case on Franco Brendan Farrington. Likes to smoke weed and drink, but refuses to send a dollar for his only son. Lives at 7395 Palm Hills Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32244. Home phone 9047773382, cell phones 9043769794, and 9044761524. If the child support system doesn’t work and he chooses to keep running from his responsibilities, I’ll hunt him down myself He’s been off the grid since this:; He’s got the nerve to have a Facebook page: Swiper Foxx ; And Instagram: swiper da handyman; He also calls himself a member of Phi Beta Sigma.; If you know him, or not feel free to give him a call or text and ask him, What have you done for your son lately? ; I will not stop Till he steps up!

By: homewreckerreportuser8745
Posted: December 20, 2017, 3:27 am