Beth Brulport of Cincinnati, Ohio

In the four months I dated Beth Brulport on “an exclusive basis” she had sex with at least one other man and by reading her text messages, she was making arrangements to meet another man for sex. All told, there were 7 men that Beth Brulport was graphicly sexting or having sex with while I dated her. What makes this even worse is the following.
• Beth was telling me she was deeply in love with me, I was her soulmate, she had never loved anyone before me, and of course wanted to marry me.
• When confronted on her suspicious behavior Beth Brulport would swear on her daughters soul, act mad, blame and attack me. All the while lying through her teeth.

I later learned that Beth Brulport has an extensive history of going after married men and men involved in relationships. Sexting them constantly, graphic and porn style texting, heaping praise on these men as if they were greek gods. Beth Brulport did this while living with a man for 12 years.

Beth Brulport is a serial cheater and liar, she has not been in a monogamous relationship in almost 2 decades, if you are thinking of dating her, is that the kind of record you want in a woman?
If you are thinking of having an affair with Beth Brulport, take note she has run into problems with the husbands kids who have read her text messages, she has got herself and other men she works with in trouble for sexting using company email. None of this bothers Beth, lying, cheating, getting caught, denying and doing it with multiple men at a time is just the way of life for Beth Brulport.

She will try to convince you that you are special, you are her soulmate, “oh what you do to me”, “you are a unicorn”, “turn me on like no other”, “you give me a rush” etc. All the lines she throws at you she throws at everyone.
She is truly a professional con artist and liar, be careful.
And if you didn’t guess, she has no money and deep in debt, she will eventually make her way to your wallet.