Gary Dumais of Select Human Resources Philadelphia's Psychotic Woman beating Psychologist

Gary Dumais Psychotic Alcoholic Woman BEATING Psychologist
Phone: 215-901-4589
Gary Dumais pf Philadelphia PA, 742 Uber St Philadelphia 215-901-4589 Gary Dumais of Select Human Resources and Delta Consultants is a lying, cheating,ALCOHOLIC, woman beating psychopath. Do NOT believe his false sob story of how his ex-wife left him because of her family in France.
Virgene left Gary Dumais for the same reason I (and many other women) left him: she finally found the strength
to leave the cruel and highly abusive psychopath. Not only does he lie,gas light and cheat, he LOVES to verbally emotionally, psychologically, psychically and sexually abuse women. And with Dumais being a psychologist, he is certainly very good at the psychological and mental abuse.
Like most socipaths, Dumais seems normal,well adjusted and even charming- just like Ted Bundy. DO not be fooled by that facade!
He is addicted to pot and pornography and is a violent, raging alcoholic.After I hired a PI, I discovered where Gary would disappear off to so much. Dumais hires "escorts" (prostitutes) on a weekly basis and has even gotten violent with a couple of them. He obsessively masturbates to p0rn on a daily basis.Sometimes for hours. He is a deviant and a sex addict
Aside from hiring a PI, my friends and I reached out to numerous people on Gary Dumais' Facebook. Not surprisingly, we discovered that I was one of many,many women that he tortured and abused.
He is a sociopath and a horrible human being and I pity anyone that
comes into contact with him.

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