Mette Høgh Henriksen

Mette Høgh Henriksen from Hjerting is a liar, blackmailer, stalker and home wrecking whore. She met my husband at a party and had sex with him on a sofa in front of party guests a couple of hours later. The next time they met it was sex behind the beer tent at the town festival. In the time that followed, whilst her husband was away at sea, she became my husband’s booty call. She made herself available for a quick shag or a little oral relief in virtually every public place in our little rural area, waiting for him to call by on the way to or from an evening with his friends. No romance, no dates, no gifts; a kind of free prostitute. An arrangement it was clear from their texts that she knew he had no desire to extend, she however thought they had a future together. She tried repeatedly and without success to persuade him to abandon his children. So far, so mundane. An unfortunately all too common story of a selfish egotistical man wishing to be distracted from the inconveniences of real life, who got ego kibbles from having a woman telling him how fabulous he was when he was anything but and an equally selfish, immoral woman looking for an escape from her boring, been nowhere, done nothing suburban life.

However, when my husband confessed all to me and said he would have no more contact with her, this bored homemaker turned amateur hooker morphed into a bunny boiler. Casting herself as the victim, when her dream of a new life was exposed as nothing more than fantasy, it seems she seriously expected sympathy rather than consequences. She actually told me that her pain was greater than mine was. Shortly afterwards she tried to bully and harass me by stating that she was still in contact with my husband and that there was nothing I could do to hinder her keeping that contact and then she threatened to stalk my school age children by following them to their respective schools and activities. She threatened to tell them about what she had been up to with their father, to contact and tell their friends also and eventually to show my children the texts (which included sexually explicit messages) she and their father had exchanged. Apparently, I could stop this child abuse taking place by being complicit in keeping her husband in the dark about her extra-marital activities. In other words, blackmail. Keep quiet and I will leave your children alone.

I believed that marriage was for life but mine is irreparably broken. Not only is my nuclear family broken, but the repercussions of this sordid tale have led to discord in our extended family whom I no longer see. None of our lives will ever be the same. And for what? This was not some young sexy hottie. No, Mrs. Henriksen is in fact the poster child for the saying that men always affair down; an unattractive, butch, middle-aged woman.

As for her she is still married and working as a primary teacher. This is a woman who has shown extremely poor judgement, has very questionable morality and happily lies to suit her own agenda. She has also sent hundreds of sexually explicit texts (including during work hours) and was willing to cause emotional distress in my underage children in order to save her own backside.