Mackenzie Michelle Hamilton Ellensburg, Washington

Mackenzie Hamilton is a foul mouthed tattooed alcoholic (removed) dropout and a former teaching assistant of my soon to be ex-husband college professor. It all started when Mackenzie started coming on to my husband after hours at the university. She would make up situations where she needed to be “counseled” by my husband regarding her supposed boyfriend and housemate issues that were keeping her from passing her university courses.

Before long miss leopard spots was trading sex for grades. She had sex with my husband in our Volvo, and left her skanky underwear behind as a souvenir for my 4 year old son to find!

Mackenzie also had an affair with her married supervisor at her workplace a latte-coffee house called(removed). I have yet to find a boss, teacher, or supervisor of Mackenzie Hamilton that she did not try to have sex with – as she calls it friends with benefits! She also calls them her f*** ME FRIENDS. Who talks like this?!

Little miss tattoo w****, your professors and employers are not your “friends” to have your f*** ME BENEFITS with! Our family is now torn apart because you can’t keep your legs together.