Joe P. aka Jknight, Joseph P. Buffalo, New York

A real-life sociopath. He is a liar, cheater, sub-human, and predator. Triangulates women. Gets joy out of all the drama he creates and tearing down good souls.

He learns your hopes and dreams and your weaknesses (which he uses against you later). He starts out love-bombing you and mimics you and your hopes and dreams. You think you are soul mates and found the one or your perfect match. Then he withdraws affection and degrades you. The narcissistic rage comes out when his mask slips off. You feel something is not right and maybe tricked into believing all his lies which he will never admit to even if you have hard evidence he’s cheating. He uses gas-lighting techniques to confuse you and make you think your’e crazy. Then he starts the cycle over again. You give him another chance and later find yourself in the same boat. Trust your gut instincts. He cannot be trusted.

Beware ladies!

It’s the same old song and dance and a pattern. He won’t change. Don’t waste your time and let him destroy your soul.