Symantha Hawk, Clayton NM

    By Hawk
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    Greetings everyone, I am sure by my name you can figure out that I am the husband of this bad person, Symantha Hawk. Other than the fact that EVERYTHING is complete BS about what Elle Kearse has said about my wife, I would like to clarify a few things that this moron forgot to put in her post. 1, my wife NEVER left my side during the 100 days that I was in the hospital getting a bone marrow transplant for my leukemia: When I say never, I mean exactly that. I love that Elle's husband is struggling with a sex addiction too; such a moronic excuse for actually saying, "my husband is a whore and there isn't a thing I can do about it". Just stating facts here folks. And the saggy this and flabby that is complete BS too, btw. I am a bigger man than to talk about our sex life, so I will leave it at that. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the motorcycle. That is MY motorcycle as a survival present for not dying during the transplant. Also, I pay $206.00 a month for the bike, so we NEVER used a penny from the donations we received, not even for a down payment. But what is so funny is that Elle Kearse,a lazy, pathetic homemaker has nothing better to do than hide behind the internet and spew her pathetic lies, instead of facing the truth: YOUR HUSBAND IS A LYING PIECE OF WHORE GARBAGE. So I believe that will pretty much lay to rest the crap this Elle Kearse is trying to start. BTW folks, this woman also contacted me via my personal cell phone almost 3 months ago with a message talking garbage on my wife. What else is funny is that my cell number is completely private, So how did she get my number? HMMMMMM..........makes you wonder. So LINDA, AKA 'Elle Kearse' or 'Jamie Keith' as your emails and texts always state, You and your piece of garbage husband obviously know how to get ahold of me, lets settle this in person instead of hiding behind your keyboard, you pathetic, defective and quite unattractive piece of garbage. And when I say ugly folks, you REALLY need to see her facebook pictures...............BARF. Its amazing someone would even sleep with her, Oh wait, HE doesn't.................