Callaway Neumann Alexandria, Minnesota

Cheater’s Name: Callaway Neumann Alexandria, Minnesota
This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: This nasty bitch thinks she runs the town. She buys fake drugs than acts like shes high to make everyone like her she throws a pitty party for herself to get friends than later on she will lose all those friends and she will continue to cry for attention. She thinks she can throw herself all over my friends and is boyfriends and our Exs

By: admin
Posted: June 11, 2016, 3:35 pm

    • JM

      grow up person who put this out there - find better things to do with your time
      considering all of this is false - do you research... oh did you mention she is under 18 - considering there are only 300 people that are members to this site I would be worried - this is harassing - it will be getting investigated -

      hence why it was taken off the last site you put it on in march