Crystal Barrage Hoffman of Phoenix Arizona

She works at a prison where sheÕs been making the rounds with the officers (my boyfriend) and the inmates. My boyfriend and I broke up last April within a week she was giving him a blow job in our house surrounded by pictures of my boyfriend and I. In May we decided to work on things. Apparently this wh*re didnÕt care. She continued to flirt with him at work and send him naked pictures. She would tag him on social media on sex Memes. She did this for months. Finally in January he had a talk with her and she flipped out. She lives an hour away and drove to his house to yell at him because sheÕs the best thing heÕll ever get! This girl is barely 5ft and weighs 125. To says sheÕs chubby would be nice. She has three kids with different dads. Her eye color is fake her hair is extensions and wigs her nails are fake and sheÕs always got her a** and ti**s hanging out even when sheÕs with her small children. For weeks she kept posting things about my boyfriend all over social media. A phone with pictures of her was found on an inmate where she works. I didnÕt think fake girls like this really existed. If your boyfriend or husband works at a prison in Eloy AZ watch out. #x0blackwidow

By: admin
Posted: June 11, 2016, 4:57 pm