Tony Vaughan, Chicago Illusions, Itasca Illinois

Tony Vaughan recruits “employees” by claiming great salary, no s*x, female power. The truth is that once he convinces you that he is a legit business, he invites you in his office after hours for “training.” Unbeknownst to you, this is not job training. He has candles, wine, and a blindfold. He talks to you awhile, asking a lot of questions like he wants to get to know you. He tells you this is an “opportunity.” He wants to know if you have ever been sexually abused. He wants to know if you do drugs. He wants to know what your goals are. How your credit is. Then you put the blind fold on, and before you know it, his c**k is in your mouth. Since you are young, naive, and blindfolded, and not expecting this to happen, you go along with it. He is 6’6 and large.; Then he tells you he has a special interest in you. That he is your “Dom.” He will tell you that your purpose is to submit. That this is a gift. That your pain is your pleasure. That what you want is to be a w***e. That you will be his w***e. That what he does is “protect and provide.” What this really means is that you are about to go into the most volatile experience of mindfuckery and life-affecting brainwashing you have ever experienced. You are not the first, you will not be the last.; Before you know it, you are being held in his office for two hour “meetings” during business hours in which he rams his cult brainwashing down your throat that you need to “feed the family,” “take care of your daughter,” and “grow up” and “trust.” This translates to make more f*****g money. You will work 12 hour shifts or more, and get little sleep. If you want to eat, he calls you lazy and unprofessional. If you need sleep, and decline being caned at 2am, he calls you into his office first thing in the morning to ask why you turned down money. He will keep calling you in for these after hours “training” sessions, telling you that “what he’s doing with you” is the best gift you’re ever going to get. He will tell you this is where your life will change. This is where you find your power. He is grooming you to go from a legit job with great salary and no s*x, to straight up prostitution. He has been in business for 25 years because he pays the city. No matter how many times he has been reported, he remains in business.; More to come…..

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Posted: April 23, 2018, 10:43 pm