Pooler GA, USA

I’m a sad pathetic kind of woman with fake teeth and no potential who likes long walks on the beach and talking in circles.
I like to cake make up on my face to try to hide the birdlike ugliness underneath. I enjoy TRYING very hard to sound intelligent even though I never REALLY graduated high school; g*d forbid dont talk too fast and I like to lie and say I went to Savannah Technical institute.
On my spare time after I’m done with my boring backstabbing smelly day, I let my 7 year old son watch IT and p*********y so he can run and tell all of the other children about it. I’m a horrible parent, thank G*d I have been sterilized!
My name is Mandy Ruiz-Griner and I’m the biggest waste of G*d given space.
Crack head mommy should have spit.

By: not registered
Posted: April 24, 2018, 6:28 am