Jason T Chattanooga, TN USA

I sure wish i could put his picture on blast. But Jason is such a crybaby he’d automatically assumed i posted this and call the cops on me again for no reason. He wouldn’t think of his other ex Milana. That’s one thing about him folks. Jason will call the cops on you for everything. Or he’ll call mommy dearest. Jason and I met in middle school when I was 12 years old. It took us a minute to warm up to each other but we did. In 9th grade everyone continued to ask were we dating? Since i sadly hung out with no one else(Mark Johnson, i see you living my dream. Traveling the world. I wish you knew i still have a crush on you even if we never spoke a word to each other) Back to Jason. So Milana would still come around Jason every once in a while and she’d tease us about dating. So Jason said screw it, lets fool everyone. He dated me for a week and took me to Applebee’s during that time. He dumped me at the school dance on Valentines Day for Kimmy. Barbie Girl was playing so ill never forget that. Should i also mention he went to a the prom with her and not me? So he went to go dance with her and she grinded on him as she looked at me. Later after a few crazy events i begged for him to take me back. He agreed then dumped me in May. I was way more into it then he was. To sum our 9 year history up, he’d flirt with me, check me out then friendzone me talking about all the babes in Nashville he’s gonna hook up with when needless to say I’m right there. Rude much? Whenever I’d wanna hang out he’d say, are you gonna pay my car note? It’s $300. Yeah okay. He’d stick me in the backseat of his car and his best guy friend(who he later left me for al together. Bombshell!) would ride shotgun. As he’d say “I can’t wait to take you home Debbie. We’d walk into his apartment he’d ask what time do I wanna go home? Lights were out at 10pm. If you weren’t up by 8am he’d literally scream at you. Jason never wanted to go to dinner or anything. He preferred sitting in his tiny apartment watching anime(He was 23 then! Wtf? Grow up right?) One minute he’d tell me he wants to marry me and take care of me, the next he’d say “I can’t wait to attend your wedding bestie” Oh and don’t play the radio around Jason. He really hates it and can’t drive with it for some reason. Jason is on lots of medication but was always balling his fists and gritting his teeth around me. Id try to tell him exciting news he’d tell me to calm down. If you love gaslighting and hanging with a narcissist then Jason is your guy! But if you know your worth and that you deserve better, stay clear of him and his psycho mom. Jason is a mamas boy and he’s racist. Mama will always be chosen over you. Mama will know everything going on in the relationship. And she hates latinas and anyone who doesn’t look like her. You’ve been warned Chattanooga. He will fool you and make you fall for his shy and smart guy act. But he’s none of the above. Jason loves dudes, will choose guys over you(he’ll hide it for a long time if you hang around enough) can’t even hold a job but compares himself to Justin Timberlake. He has no friends but is always on his phone. Don’t mention it or he’ll beat you. His brother told me upfront Jason lies every breath he breaths. That’s true. Should’ve listened to you Cameron!! Enjoy.

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Posted: April 25, 2018, 1:20 pm