Aleasha Ghee of Huntington, West Virginia

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    Aleasha Ghee of Huntington, West VirginiaShe can have my bastard unfaithful husband! When I first found out about this girl she swore to me that her and my husband were just friends nothing more. Even told that she was getting engaged. When I asked my husband about her the stories matched up except that she had told him she was single. I then informed that I knew from another place and exactly what kind of girl she is. He responded “Oh I didn’t know she was like that. I definitely won’t talk to her anymore!” As the days went on I managed to dig up more conversations between them till I finally found the truth. I told her that she doesn’t need to talk to my husband again until we are divorced. Me being stupid thought there really wasn’t anything else going on between them now, and was like okay work through it. I was proved wrong on that today. She is still contacting him and he is still begging for her attention. I am just laughing in his face, because he swears he doesn’t like heavier girls and she is pretty big.

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