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    Brandie E. Thompson of Theresa, New YorkI recently found out my husband cheated on me 6 years ago with this fucking leg spreading std. They worked together as manager at Buffalo Wild Wings in Watertown Ny and they are both married. She was giving my husband this sob story that her and her husband were having “issues” and God knows what my husband was saying about me to get into her pants also. Anyway they flirted for period of time enjoying the pleasures of playing grab ass at work that they decided too take it to the next level. Ie an this is how much class they both have… she took him too her car out back of Buffalo Wild wings and did God knows what. But just a few steps away right next too the restraint was a fucking hotel. They had so much class they fucked around in her car which meant they could have gotten caught by anyone. What pisses me off is that we were trying for our second child and he came home too me after fucking around with that twat and had sex with me. After they fucked around the grab ass kept going on for awhile but then my husband decided it would be polite too introduce me to her after they fucked around. So I was a huge joke for 6 years and I thought my marriage was good. But on November 14th 2015 I was signed into his face book messenger where he was messaging her at 3:30 in the morning telling her she was hot how highly he thought of her and that the physical between the two of them was amazing. I went down the hall and confronted him he lied to my face and said he was fantasizing. He thinks I’m so stupid I was just going to believe it and walk away. Well I didn’t and I started screaming and punching the wall he finally confessed and I messaged her and told her that what the two of them were doing was disgusting and that maybe her husband would like to know what they did she didn’t have the guts too say one word too me but she immediately erased my husband from her fb I guess I gave him blue balls that night and made her dry up quicker then shit.

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