Tiffany Lynn Bivins, of Cleveland Ohio

I’ve been married to Jason for 13 years we have 2 children. Things were getting stressful around the house and I know he was distant. We had a camping trip planned for the family on labor day weekend while on the camping trip my husband got a little too drunk. His phone kept going off so I checked it. I read the texts and could tell it was a female but it was under a mans name. I responded to her with this hi I’m Jason’s wife of 13 years we have 2 kids and I would like to know what you two have going on together. I confronted Jason but he was no help, he was so drunk. The next day Tiffany Lynn Bivins texted me back telling me her and my husband were in a relationship physical and emotional. My husband admitted to being with Tiffany Lynn Bivins but it was a mistake. He loves us and wants nothing to do with Tiffany Lynn Bivins. He has been telling her this for months but she continued to pursue him stalking mine and his face books and texting him. He told her he made a mistake and he wanted to be with his family but Tiffany Lynn Bivins couldn’t let go.

Tiffany Lynn Bivins knew he was married with kids and still slept with him and tried to pull him away from his family. In the end my husband and I are still trying to get past it and she has finally backed off but I could never do that to a family its a very selfish act.

By: admin
Posted: February 23, 2016, 1:33 am