Julian Rowe, Phoenix AZ

He is Julian Cassanova Rowe and he call himself the pH4mula. His social media is spelled Julien. He is 6 ft 2 in. tall and has 3 ft long dread locks. He is currently either in AZ or has moved to CA. As far as I know, he doesn't really have his own place to live unless he has already found another woman to take him in.

I met this man online, on POF, 3 years ago. We immediately started dating and he moved right in. He states that he is a music producer and in the 3 years he has not gotten anything produced, earned no income, had no money, never tried to really make money, continued to meet and date women online during our whole relationship, spent all my money, had sex with women in my home, and brought them around me as friends. (I was a fool).

He is very charming and handsome and he knows how to play a women better than anyone I have EVER met. He made me believe in him and all his plans that there was a possibility of them coming to fruition. He has travelled to other countries and gone after 19year old girls to date and have sex with.

Throughout the relationship, he would verbally and mentally abuse me if anything went wrong. In my own house, I was afraid to say or do anything that would anger him - I was always walking on eggshells, as my friends would say. He had multiple chicks on the side even my so called best friend that was living with me at the time. He always had something to say to put me down and make himself look better than me.

In the end of the relationship, I heard a CD of an order of protection hearing from a previous girlfriend and she outlined all the other previous girlfriends that he harmed - his favorite method is choking and he has choked 7 women that I know of. One of them he choked so bad that he almost killed her and was brought up on Attempted murder charges. He was not convicted because he and a family member got rid of any DNA evidence.

Me personally, he threatened me many times, that he would destroy me and that no one messes with him and that I needed to be beaten. When I told him I didn't want him to come back to my home after his business trip out of town, he threatened to kill my dogs. I moved him out of my house while he was away and found him a place to stay for a couple weeks so that he could figure out what to do. I had to get an order of protection against him. Even though it exists, I know that he will still come and try to kill my dogs. I have now put things in place at my house to stop him. He continues to watch my house and what goes on there.

Also, he is a narcissist and a mysoginist, and is a great actor so that no one sees, in public, who he really is.

If you want a long and happy life, do NOT go near this man. He can manipulate and convince you that he is okay and all the others are crazy. He says all of his exes spied on him and that they were all crazy... but he is the commonality with all these women. He has cheated and lied to EVERY women he has ever been with.

Protect yourself at all costs.
Julian Rowe, Phoenix AZ