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    Svetlana Mushkaova, New JerseyThe Comment: This toxic woman uses her sexual charm to manipulate men to thinking she is spiritually pure and full of divine light, all the while leading them into personal destruction. Svetlana Mushkarova is a clever social predator who targets and seduces priests, spiritual leaders and counselors. First, by acting like a poor lost soul in much need of emotional support and love. She will then lure you in with constant flattery and false admiration, increasing attention and manipulation. Saying things to me like 'You are the light on my journey' that she was 'committed to me and only me. That she is in a Divine Relationship with me on one side and God and Entities on the other', the handsomest priest I ever met'. Lies, I found out too late. She will do and say whatever, using sex till she finally controls you. Soon, the degradation, perversion and destruction follows. Svetlana Mushkarova will cause you to break your solemn vows of the Order of Franciscan Brothers. Forcing you from your vocation as an Episcopal Priest and losing employment as a priest and social counselor. Beware of this skillful chameleon. Be on your guard against this selfish spiritual pretender or you will find out too late that the devil really exists. She is pure evil. She will suck you sexually then emotionally and spiritually and leave you broken, humiliated and destroyed. She will then cruelly laugh in your face while you cry and beg and say that it is again God's will. She uses God's will as her own to cover and condone her sociopathic urges! Where were my eyes?

    Now, she has set the intention to seduce Diego Coppola another married man who is a spiritual leader of a retreat in Abadiania, Brazil and then become part of a group who worship 'The Entities'. Together in love, I thought, we went 4,000 miles to this Brazilian Casa. After a couple of days there, she said to me that she wanted to spend her time in silence and focus on very deep spiritual work. Later, to my shame and horror, I found out what the DEEP spiritual work was! She was sneaking out to have unprotected sex with a Casa medium Diego! Luring him into her Black widow's web, without regard to his wife Sonia, their small child or the holy Entities. She now claimed there was a deep cosmic connection between them and soon for all her DEEP WORK, Diego would make Svetlana Mushkarova a medium and high spiritual priestess. A daughter of the Casa of John of God. But what she called a process of expansion is just her narcissistic intentions and deviant actions for evil . Now, she may have met her match. Diego is playing his own pimp game, using her for what she really is and giving her nothing. I pray to The Source of All Things for her dark soul.

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