Adam R Mayberry, Washington

Hello Catherine,

My name is [Omitted]. I attended a class with Adam last summer at SCC. Our very first assignment was to partner up and introduce each other in front of the whole class. He didn’t mention having a family. We became friends and ended up involved in an intimate relationship over the course of the following months. He did not ever tell me he was currently married and, in fact, went to extremes to keep it from being known. He only mentioned having been married once at 20 years old and that she ended up pregnant while he was in Iraq. As far as I can tell, NOBODY at school knew he was married. He also did not ever mention that he was a father (until later which is explained below with the date included so it can be easily matched up to the attached text messages). It all ended near the end of December, just after Christmas. Then, one day, I decided to do some research on Adam because of the way things unfolded and because there were some things he had said that just didn’t make sense. That’s when I found you and confronted him (via text) where he blatantly acknowledged that he had lied and offered his justification by writing “Life is hard for many people, sometimes you need people.” This can be found at the very end of the large attached file. I have included EVERY text message EVER sent between the two of us in the attached files which were exported directly from my phone. The largest file includes 4,669 messages. Not all of the messages are relevant, but I did not want to chop up the files by removing the stuff that doesn’t matter because that would make it too easy to dismiss them as altered or fake. There are three files because there was a period of time he was using an old flip phone and an iPad--after his phone was lost on a roller coaster while we were at Silverwood, and before he got his really old iPhone back that he had lost in 2014. The smaller two files do not have a lot of relevant content, but again, I want to be as thorough as possible.

I do not find any pleasure in sharing this information with you, nor do I want to interfere with your marriage or anyone else’s. I have nothing to gain by telling you all of this or sharing the attached conversations with you. If you do decide to take the time to look through them, you will see that Adam went out of his way to make me feel really special. It makes me sick to my stomach to know now that he had you all along, but chose to pay so much attention to me. You’re a beautiful, accomplished, and respected woman and he should be proud to have you as a wife. I realize that you may dismiss this message entirely, choose not to believe it, or be convinced somehow that I have enough time on my hands to make this up… Even so, I can’t go on in good conscience without giving it my best attempt to make you aware.

I am NOT proud of this and it exposes just how naïve and stupid I was during those months which is not something I want to share with anyone and is quite frankly embarrassing. If you hate me and want to scream at me and tell me how much of a terrible person I am, I don’t blame you. I am only doing this because I believe you are a good person, you deserve to know, and I would want you to do the same for me.

Below, I’ve detailed out some things I think you should know specifically in case you choose not to look at the messages.

Adam came on to me very strongly from July to November even though he knew I was married. John and I had our fair share of problems and I wanted to open up an opportunity to see where the relationship would go, so I filed for divorce in November, and that is when Adam and I became intimate. I was open and honest with Adam about my situation at home from day one, and also with John about Adam. About a week after I told Adam I was leaving my husband, Adam called me one afternoon (Nov. 16th) to tell me an ex-girlfriend from four years ago had contacted him claiming that he was the father of her child. He never gave a name. Only referred to her (you) as “babies mommy” (found in the messages) which makes perfect sense now. Shortly after that, he sent a text, “flying them here” and they (you and your daughter) supposedly landed at 9pm on the night of the windstorm. Adam and I were together for dinner that evening and I had asked when he needed to be to the airport. A peer from his communications class witnessed part of this. What an elaborate story to incorporate you and your daughter into his life after-the-fact…

As this transpired, I offered to back off since this would be a really big deal if it had been true, but he made it clear he didn’t want me to. He knew that I knew where he lived and from what I can tell, this was his way of keeping me away from there because he knew I would respect that. I was doing everything I could to be supportive, including giving him plenty of space and not asking a lot of questions. Now I realize that only worked out in his favor. When I asked his daughter’s name, he replied “Isabel” which I now know not to be true either. I even bought a very nice gift with that name in blown glass, after he claimed to get the paternity results back, which probably made its way straight into the dumpster at Panera when we met for breakfast that morning. I am not a mother, but I’m quite sure it would break my heart if the father of my child was pretending not to have a child, then claiming he suddenly found out about her, and topped it all off by lying about her name. He should be a proud father and husband in my opinion. [Name omitted] is not a game piece and she should not be used as leverage in his schemes.

I am really reluctant to send this to you because I could easily be labeled as just some crazy lady out for revenge, but that’s a risk worth taking as far as I’m concerned. I am prepared to face any repercussions as a result of this, should any arise. I am going through with this because I know that what I’m telling you is the truth and I have plenty of verifiable proof.

Some of the other things I missed at the time it took place…

I saw Adam on the freeway on the way to school one morning in October, headed west. I never asked, but for whatever reason, he said he had just dropped his niece off at daycare. (At the time, I was under the impression that he had a four year old niece belonging to his sister living in Cheney. Now I know any time he referred to his niece, it was actually his daughter.) Why the hell would his niece’s daycare be in the valley when his sister lives in Cheney? At that time, we were just friends and it’s not in my nature to question people, so I didn’t.

He claims to be fixed-a big red flag for someone so young. Don’t know if it’s true, but it doesn’t matter. I take my own precautions.

Toward the end, he claimed he was attending Carrington’s dental program and even showed up to breakfast in scrubs (not the right color for Carrington) so I suppose that was a lie too.

He told me he has had problems with stalkers in the past (that doesn’t happen for no reason)

He told me a story about an ex-girlfriend that tried to hack his email after they broke up. Now I can’t help but wonder if she was trying to obtain your contact information. Maybe that was part of the reason for moving away from Colorado.

At one point he said “I usually just sleep with married women.” (well before we were involved)

He has no social profiles-not even for his career.

He switches vehicles every few months.

He only ever referred to his daughter as “Kiddo” when he would talk about her in text or in person.

We could rarely spend time together in the evenings.

Whenever he would come to Pizza Hut (where I work) to get pizza from me, it was always way more than enough for one person.

His house is too well decorated from what I can see in the photos to be a bachelor pad.

I could go on, but I have to move on from this, so I’ve said enough.

I can’t imagine you would want to, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions, would like clarification on anything, want to tell me to go to hell, or whatever. I wish you the very best, regardless of what you decide to do with the information presented herein. Please be assured that I will not bother you or any of your family going forward.
Adam R Mayberry, Washington