Samantha Deube (unrath)

I've been steady getting it in with this girl for some time. Now the sex was alright. She always had a nice ass. Gave decent head. Definitely better before she had the baby. Oh, let me start again. She is married. She just had a baby. She is miserable in her marriage. Always talks about divorcing him. I think that is how she justifies what she is doing. We hooked up before they got married, after getting married, and after the baby. Honestly, it's hard to keep track. The kid could even be mine. Or someone's. I found out I wasn't the only one she was fucking on the side. I know she told me she fucked some Wisconsin cop and an old ex boyfriend. Now I'm not in any place to really be picky. But I guess you could say I changed my ways. I grew up and decided to be happy. I tried to leave hints to her, now, husband that she is fucking around on him. But he is clueless. So Samantha Deube or now Samantha unrath, here it is.