Emily Huurdeman, Netherlands

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    Emily Huurdeman, also known as Ega Huurdeman, also known as whore of Babylon, was born in Maastricht, Holland, and now living in Amsterdam. She is a whore on a monumental scale. This deceitful, cock-hungry loser of an artist is an artist at sucking cock and licking pussy only. The picture might make you wonder if this is a he, a she, or a transvestite with a horse’s head. I can confirm that she owns a pussy, a very loose and used up one as well. Where to even start with this one? If you are looking for someone who has herpes pouring out of every hole in her body, congrats, you’ve found her. She brags about being a group sex, threesomes and one night stands connoisseur, and give you the funniest speeches about how intense and passionate she is, when really, this slut is just horny and needs a good sized dick to fill her holes. She will use intensity and passion as an excuse when you catch her with her pants down sitting on your best friend’s face. I am not making this up. Of course, her way of handling conflict is by slowly ghosting you and not responding to your phone calls and messages, all under the guise that she is so busy and not really into texting. Busy doing what, you unemployed, foul-smelling cunt? Making that hilarious shitty art?? Seriously guys, if you are having a gloomy day and want a laugh, google her “art” projects. Her body is covered in ugly ass tattoos, each marking every cock she ate, she thinks they actually make her look cool and badass. Visit her cold, filthy little apartment, clothes all over the floor, used condoms in the bin, panties that are not even hers. Wear an oxygen mask, you really might catch something. She will with a big smile on that elongated hideous face of hers tell you how she has fucked every friend who every stayed over at that little barn she lives in.
    My advice to all men and all women who might find themselves “seduced” *vomit* by this queer, retarded dutch is to use protection and to fuck and run. Nothing loving or long term can be sustained with this sex starved, borderline, narcissistic, cheating slut. All you’ll get is headache, heartache, and an incurable STD.

    Hide your money, refuse to pay for her lunch and fuck her hard with the intent of only seeing her for that. When she says she is only hosting friends from abroad DO NOT BELIEVE HER. And don't let that shit-smelling old dog of hers in the room while you two fuck. It’ll get aroused and this Emily cunt enjoys it. It's traumatic I swear.
    Emily Huurdeman, Netherlands

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