Marvin Orange or Melvin Online, South Carolina

Marvin Orange/Melvin Online dating conman. claims to work as a Basketball scout, or in Health administration all lies. unemployed conman has had over 20 different online dating profiles in the last year alone. Lives with his thief of a mother who currently rents a house in Irmo. He claims it\'\'s his house, most likely will bring you there when his mother i s out of town or in jail lies about age lies about graduating college lies about not having children lies about employment and last but not least lies about ethnicity! what type of man does that?! Beware ladies, this man WILL steal from you. When confronted lies and belittles you. Has been sued for related issues. If you look up court records you can see his mother Norma Jean Orange has A long arrest record.
Marvin has at least 3 children he will not claim and does not support. He is hangs on Match, Pof, and Okcupid typically says he\'s 38 40. Often he will say he is biracial, which he is not. He can paint a pretty picture of traveling the world when the sad reality is he has never. He often dates 2-4 women at once and says he travels for work, he has NEVER had a job in his life so when he says he is traveling he is with the other women. This man WILL steal from you and your family, often with the help of his mother. He ha extorted 38,000 from one women in SC and 20,000 in CA from another and had been sues for related issues by 2 women.
for more info you can go to women savers website and see he\'s been reported since 2006, apparently he was running his scams on women long before that. you can also go to liars and cheaters RUS website where another women reported him.
He has had 5 profiles on This website in the past 2 years and paid to get them taken down.
He never graduated college, has never had a job and only moved to CA to live with his sister while escaping lawsuit from an ex. He will claim he JUST moved back to SC to help his sick mother which is a lie to make you think he\'s a good guy. Please check the other sites for more info.
Marvin Orange or Melvin Online, South Carolina