Kyle J Lusk Shakopee, MN

This sociopath has made a few appearances here, which I wish I would have seen before. He can be confining to a point but he has no feeling or empathy, and cares only about himself. He borrowed thousands of dollars from me, never once paid back a dime, even when I couldn’t afford my medication and he was out spending money and taking vacations. If he actually did one thing that wasn’t self centered I would die of shock. He stole my dog, which I have to go to court for along with all the money he owes me, and the money I put into his house since we were engaged—-same house he had numerous whores over when I was at work, in the bed we not only shared but I bought. He has multiple STDS and is well aware of it and was even aware of it before we were together, but only lies and pretending like he didn’t know. He will tell you what you want to hear, but never back it up. Known for being a pathological liar, habitual unprotected sex with anyone, steals from everyone, including his grandparents. Never takes responsibility for anything, has 3 kids who have major issues but doesn’t care enough to do anything about it, he is heartless with no morals. I returned my ring to him because he promised to sell it and give me some of the money he owed me, but the ring is gone, and I never saw a dime, but the ring made an appearance on some ugly tattooed donkey face on Facebook trying it on, and of numerous other pictures taken on the bed we shared. Oh, and this all happened while he was still promising me the world and telling me he loves me everyday. This is the worst person in the entire world, and now I have to deal with how his disgusting man slut behavior effected my life-for the rest of my life, and he admitted to not caring. I especially loved how the money for my kidney medication went to buying sluts drinks, but even with all the evidence he still denies it—but he is a pathological liar. I am suing him for the money, my dog, emotional trauma, and giving me multiple stds that are lifelong and cause cancer and infertility. If you have experience with this scumbag, and would be willing to talk to my lawyer contact me.