Cassie Patterson

Manipulative, dishonest, selfish, obnoxious, loud, obese and unresponsive unless she feels like it. Forgets what she tells u and will lie to even long time friends and talk about u behind her back…. May even call u a stalker while sending naked and risque pics and acting like we are still close friends. Got caught in a couple lies (she used the same username for snapchat and POF) so while she lied about dating she was actively looking for a date. She would rather throw 15 years of close friendship and love out the window than take any accountability or care that I am disabled and I had seizures and undue pain, long sleepless nights and intense headaches for over a week before she said anything other than leave her alone…. The 10th day was the worst. This woman is a sociopath with zero empathy what-so-ever, she will make u feel sorry for her and say she is scared to get hurt again while using u. She shoved me under the rug and left me with a single friend and a mom (no other family) to deal with my disease so she wouldn’t get stressed, she left me for dead in California after a suicide attempt and promised to never let anyone or anything breakup our friendship… It hasn’t even been a year since my wife and kids left me over my health and she made that promise but here I am chopped liver to someone who doesn’t care despite the I love u’s and promises… All she cares about is the naked pics she sent me while at work telling her coworkers and friends, one who is a mutual friend that I am a stalker and a creeper…. NOBODY sends naked pics of themselves if they think that of u! Will show the pics to anyone that knows her (I am gonna blur the naughty bits, I am not that cold hearted, she wouldn’t hesitate to do it to anyone else… Kinda weird that I am the stalker and she has no naked pics of me and she sent me all of these…

By: unregistered
Posted: April 8, 2018, 7:05 am