David Francis Parent, Florida

After 18 yrs married and 2 wonderful children together this dispecible human being began an affair with a married mother of 2 co-worker. Their love nest was my newly deceased 80yr old mother’s condo. David stole the garage remote from my mother’s car and then broke in to the house. His whores hair was all over my mom’s bathtub and shower. Of course the bed wasn’t made correctly. He denied it. Then the w**** called to to inform me they were made for each other and he was leaving me and tsking my 16yr old daughter to babysit the whores 2 babies. Confronted he ran like s scares rabbit leaving my daughter with me. He ignores our kids and tries to control me while living with the w****. What a looser.

By: unregistered
Posted: April 14, 2018, 12:59 am