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    Hi I am a gay man who lives in Phoenix Arizona and was in a relationship with a man for three years from Thanksgiving 2012 until October 2nd 2015. We met while working at a local fast food place and quickly became best friends. But we had our ups and downs and he has a history of cheating. About a year ago I found out he was cheating on me with a man named Angel Alvarez. I noticed also he began to get heavily into spice which I disagreed with. Im into marijuana and have my medical marijuana card but I never would ever try that hardcore stuff. He would act completely different and paranoid and we would get into fights and he would beat on me. Then he came back and said he was sorry and would change and I believed him. He did get on new medications and into a rehab program and we were doing well actually well for about 8 months until the end of last month. I noticed another mans underwear in our laundry and when I asked him whos it was he lied to me. He said it was his but this was spiderman underwear and all his boxers didnt have pictures on them and these were briefs he always said he didnt like briefs. I got into his phone the next Friday when he was showering. I found texts from this same guy! This Angel guy was saying how he liked getting fucked in the ass by my boyfriend and how he wanted to get nipple piercings with him! As soon as my now ex got out of the shower I confronted him and we both started crying. I told him Id have none of that shit no more and we were through. I since moved out and moved back in with my mom and my sister. I just wanted to expose ANGEL ALVAREZ of Phoenix Arizona this is his ugly ass in the photo.It says on his facebook he holds multiple jobs at Pride Group, Little Ceasers and Easleys fun shop please expose this trash!