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First, let me preface by saying I am not one of those women who solely blames the homewrecker while the husband is innocent. HELL NO!! I blame my husband for his careless actions, lying, and turning our 10 year marriage into a loveless, cold union by choosing to do what he did with this midget s***. All of that falls on his shoulders; however, I do blame this “thing” for her part in all of this.
Since winter 2012/spring 2013, my husband and I had been having problems for many different reasons and we kinda/sorta “separated” in June 2013. To be honest, it was a weird situation and he spent more time with me and our children at our family house than his mother’s which was were he was “living” at the time. We were trying to sort out our issues and it was very trying at times, resulting in arguments and generalized chaos. By October 2013, he was basically living back in the house and sleeping in bed, with me, almost every night. We were trying to put our best foot forward and make it all work, especially for our two young children (age 7 & 2).
Enter Nikki Smith….a co-worker of his at a lender processing services company in Moon Twp. Apparently they worked together for a couple of years prior and were just work friends. She then moved to the Texas location. I vaguely remember that he went to her going away Happy Hour with a bunch of other work people. She found him on FB in spring 2013 and friended him. Back before we were separated, I noticed this, blond, unattractive girl trolling his FB…I swear she “liked” or commented on every single thing he posted no matter how mundane. I made a comment about this and I got “I dunno…she must be a “like” w****”. How fitting….
She’s short as f*** with short, stumpy legs, no ass, and a face that rivals one Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask. She’s apparently dumb as f*** too. She was actively seeking out my husband and it seems so “convenient” so moved back when she did. I have to say, it is totally true…men DOWNGRADE exponentially when they decide to f*** around.
I didn’t find out about their real “relationship” until New Years Day 2014…but let’s backtrack a little.
After we separated, the two of them started sending each other FB messages, each one more flirty than the last. I hacked his FB in January 2014 so I got to read them all personally. He even sent her pics of my new puppy!! After comparing dates, I started to realize he was messaging her every chance he could when I wasn’t around. The worst was that they were sending cutesy messages to each other the day after my father’s funeral! Mind you, my husband said he was having a hard time dealing with my dad’s death and was very distraught. Obviously not so much that you couldn’t refrain from messaging that s***. He & she maintains that the messages were just friendly, not flirty; however, I’m neither blind nor stupid.
She ended up moving back to the Pittsburgh area in Dec 2013 and was again working at his office. Almost immediately, the two of them were hanging out whenever they could. I only found out because she had to “tag” him in every post/pic she made when they were out together. One Saturday I was visiting my mother and he said he was just going to a Pitt game with his longtime friend. They did in fact go, but he failed to mention he also met the s*** and her friend in Southside that night and went bar hopping. The next day I asked about it and he said he was out with a guy friend but she texted him to meet up since she was there for a bar crawl. What actually happened is that he texted her to meet him.
Another night, they went out with other work people to for a Christmas Happy Hour. I recently found out she was sitting next to him most of the time. Then, just the two of them went to a bar in the Moon Twp area. Allegedly the roads were getting snowy & bad, he slept on her couch. She lives somewhere off of University Blvd…still about a 20 min ride from where they were (only 30 from where our house). They both say nothing happened that night…just friends. What the f*** ever…
Next comes New Years Eve. I had plans to go to a friend’s party, he said he was going out with his friends. He says that day she approached him at work and asked to him to hang out. He met her and a few of her fat, bucktoothed friends at Mad Mex (thanks a******…I’ll never eat there again) then they went to a few bars in the area. That night he went to her house and again stayed the night. In the middle of the night, she invited him to her bed. The stupid ass followed her to her bedroom.
He says that night they just slept and in the morning, he kissed her because he was so “upset about our situation” and how I “push & pull on his emotions”. Kissing led to petting, which led to oral, and it stopped there. Why do you ask? He couldn’t get hard! That’s hysterical because he NEVER has an issue in that department. She then took him back to his car and he drove home to our house.
When he got home, I asked what where he ended up sleeping and he blurted out “Nikki’s”. Knowing full well that this b**** had intentions other than friendship, I started grilling him. It came out that “she kissed him”. It didn’t make sense…2 adults drinking and flirting yet it stops at kissing? I decided to ask her about what happened. I figured a woman to woman talk would be beneficial and put an end to all this nonsense.
Let me say that I’m very aware there is his story, her story, and the truth probably falls somewhere in the middle. I wasn’t prepared for the blatant and countless lies I’ve been told by both of them. I don’t trust either of them in anyway. He maintains to this day, that he was never attracted to her, wasn’t interested in any kind of relationship, and he thought they were just friends. He now says looking back on how she wrote to him and other things she said/did, it was obvious she was looking for more but he didn’t see it at the time.
Anyway…I texted her asking what happened. She texted exactly what he told me…even down to the verbiage “over the clothes type stuff”. It seemed suspect, but I told her that he told me he wasn’t attracted to her..according to him she”has a face I can’t be attracted to” and that I’d like her to stop talking /hanging out with my husband. She told me that I can’t decide that for him and he needs to tell her to her face. He did tell her so to her face that day. I thought that was it…
The story just didn’t add up…every time I went over it in my head, it sounded more & more ridiculous. Finally, after a huge fight with him, I texted her asking for the truth. She told me I’m crazy and just dragging it out, nothing happened, etc. During this time, I’m also fighting with my husband over text and he finally admits “We almost fucked”.
Immediately, I texted her what he had said and asked what does that mean exactly. She came back with a long text explaining almost every detail of what they did together. It also came out that he contacted her right before the first time I contacted her and asked her to lie for him. The fact that he asked her to lie to me to save his skin and she complied, just proves how f****** dumb she is. I got very nitty gritty details and sometimes I can’t stop the mental movies from replaying in my head.
I also asked him some very graphic details..he didn’t want to tell me, but he did. I can’t help but kind of laugh when I think about his limp d*** and her “furry on top/stubbly on bottom” p**sy what I was told “didn’t smell so fresh”. That one bit of comedic relief makes my writing this possible.
So she continued on with her version of the story, I relayed it all to my husband. While a good chunk of it does coincide with his story (at least the physical stuff), so added a few things that he says are full blown lies. Not even big things at all, but he says they are lies. He’s so stupid. You ask a s*** to lie to your wife for you and then get mad when she lies about you for her own gain? I told him he needs to take it up with her if he feels they are lies…I’m done with this bullshit and have been lied to too many times to give a s*** about his plight.
The next day he texts her (he did show me all of the texts) asking why she lied, she basically talks in circles and then tells him I’ve threatened her (didn’t do that, believe me I wanted to). At this time, I decided to hit her where it hurts so to speak. The office they work at pays horribly and lays people off all the time, yet all she does is talk about how important she is at work and what a go-getter she is…b**** you make like $15…can’t be that important. So, I turned them both in o their HR dept for texting and leaving their desks to go outside together. Every text from her was sent to their HR director (as well as his to her). They recently were bought out by another company and I wanted to make sure they realized the HR risks they had and embarrass the f*** out of her:) God only knows what path of destruction she left behind in TX. I know they were both talked to and written up. I hope that bites her in the ass if she ever goes for a promotion (not that it pays much more).
It truly sickens me that she gets to go on with life and move to likely help destroy another marriage somewhere down the line, while I’m stuck dealing with the aftermath. I’d love to beat the f**k out of that ugly face, but I do have two kids to think about…can’t be getting thrown in jail. Embarrassing her at her job helped a little bit, but that wasn’t as widespread as putting her on the site. I want EVERYONE to know what a lying, cowardly, stupid c*** this troll is. I hope her family and friends see this as well as all of her coworkers. She fucked with the wrong woman.
I haven’t forgiven him. I won’t. I can’t. We are going to therapy to try to move past it all, one condition being total honesty, no more lying and his getting help to deal with that. I know I’ll never love him again, its a marriage of convenience. He quit his shitty job with that fugly Hobbit and stays home with the kids (I have a great job and could NEVER do the stay at home mom thing). He has paid dearly and will continue to do so.

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Posted: August 30, 2015, 5:17 am