Rahan Halder, Farakka, India

This M**o will chase you for weeks, even months . Don’t fall for those babyish looks , he is a total pschyo. And a cheater. And a pervert. And an egoist. And a narcissist. And a misogynist. He is the kind of guy who thinks he’s so wonderful all women must strip down immediately upon seeing him . He will first flatter you – he will chase you relentlessly , even after multiple, direct “nos”.
When you say yes, you’re won. He’ll then go to college (in another town) and get involved with MULTIPLE effing women. Then he’ll tell them what a “crazy girl” you were. He’s just not a single-woman-man. If you’ve begun to recieve daily compliments from him- rest assured, you’ve just been targeted as another trophy he can brag about. Also, he’ll leave you for an uglier girl (nothing personal, but hey, it does improve his total count- and he’s already proved he can win you – so what’s the point in being with you anymore??) . Also, ugly girl hates you now for no fault of your own.